New WhatsApp function to listen to voice messages in the background

While it is true that the success of this instant messaging app means that we have to be very careful with WhatsApp scams, the truth is that this tool owned by Meta (formerly Facebook) has a large customer base. And part of the secret of its success has to do with updates WhatsApp receives periodically to improve its usability.

We have been hearing rumors for a long time about the possibility that WhatsApp changes some aspects of the voice notes function. Little by little they have been improving this function. For example, last year they added the ability to change the playback speed of any voice message. With this, they have saved us a lot of time, why deny it.

And now WhatsApp is working on a new update that will allow us to listen to any voice message in the background. Have been the guys from WaBetaInfo those who, once again, have discovered this new feature that would arrive with the next WhatsApp beta update.

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When will this new WhatsApp feature arrive?


WhatsAppNew WhatsApp feature

Today, if you are listening to a voice note on WhatsApp and switch to another chat, it automatically stops playing. And considering that its great rival Telegram does allow you to continue listening to any voice message, it was logical that the app owned by Meta would do the same.

Thus, Through the next beta of WhatsApp for Android, corresponding to version, you will be able to play voice notes in the background. In this way, once the new function arrives, you will be able to play a voice message while browsing the WhatsApp screen, either to enter a different chat or to see the profile photos of your contacts.

In doing so, you will see that the new voice messages player appears at the top of the app, as in the case of Telegram, including buttons so you can pause, resume or dismiss the voice message.

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At the moment This function is not available since it is under development, so not even with the WhatsApp beta updated to the latest version you will be able to test this tool, so the only option is to be patient and wait for the corresponding update to be released.

Undoubtedly, excellent news for the users of this instant messaging platform that now we will have things easier when it comes to listening to a voice message.