Carlos Torres: the role he would like to do after ‘Charly Flow’

Carlos Torres is one of the stars of “The queen of flow”, The Colombian series that is causing a sensation throughout Latin America. Thanks to the interpretation of Charly Flow, the Colombian is at the peak of his career, enjoying the popularity of sharing screens with Carolina Ramírez for Caracol Televisión.

Originally from Barranquilla, Torres was born on September 20, 1988 and from a very young age he liked acting. This is how he began his artistic career with the novel “Fathers and sons” When I was 17 years old; however, his first leading role came with the series “Love, lies and video”, broadcast in 2009.

Carlos came to fulfill one of his biggest childhood dreams, to become a television star. Next, find out the type of character that the actor would like to characterize.

Actors of "La reina del flow" posing for a photograph (Photo: Carlos Torres / Instagram)
Actors of “La reina del flow” posing for a photograph (Photo: Carlos Torres / Instagram)


In an interview with the medium Vanity, the Colombian revealed that after embodying Charly Flow you would like to play a new role that involves transformation and greater complexity. Among the examples that this gave characterizing a transgender person, as that would mean a challenge, he also pointed out that another option is to give life to a person with addictions or who carries a lot of suffering.

“To me I like those who suffer, who keep me in constant challenge, that’s what I like about Charly ”, express Carlos Torres.


Carlos Torres spoke about his career and what his character in “La reina del flow” meant to him. In addition, he was consulted about a third season of the Colombian series.

“Let’s see, so far I don’t have any information about the third season, but without a doubt, beyond whether I have the privilege of being part of the third season, I think it deserves it, which is a very well made product. , with a very interesting theme that I think is worth continuing to grow “, said the Colombian actor.

In this possible third season, what could happen to his character Charly Flow and that of his colleague and compatriot Carolina Ramírez, Yeimy Montoya. Well, Torres has an idea. “I believe that imagination has no limits, right? In this second season I was very surprised by the script, I thought that suddenly it was going to be more about Charly’s revenge and the funny thing is that they surprised us “, revealed the artist.

“So I do not doubt the talent they have and could tell something more, what? Suddenly something from the past, or something that has not been told or that has not been given background and now could come to light … It is not known “, he pointed out.

Carolina Ramírez
Carolina Ramírez’s look as Yeimy Montoya to record “Fijación”, one of the musical successes in “La reina del flow” (Photo: Caracol Televisión)


Charly managed to regain his career, his children, but the only thing he couldn’t have was “The queen of flow”, Since she was not yet convinced to renounce the family that she formed with Juan Camilo for the man who years ago ruined her life.

Throughout the second season of the Colombian telenovela, Charly saved Yeimy from several attacks by Manín and although he could not avoid the attack against him, he helped him recover. In addition, with the help of Drama Key, she prevented Titano from poisoning her.

Every time Yeimy seemed certain of her decision, something happened that made her change her mind. For example, when the couple was in their prime, Alicia told Manín about that relationship, then her uncle ordered her to assassinate Juancho, but the singer preferred to kidnap him and fake his death. Later, Titano kidnapped Erick to avenge the death of his brother Lucio. On that occasion, Charly managed to free his son with the help of Juan Camilo and Botero.

Finally, after the death of Manín and Titano, and with Mike Rivera in prison for the kidnapping of Yeimy, the attempted murder and other crimes, everything depended on “The queen of flow”, Who, although he spoke first with Juan Camilo, decided to bet on Charly.

When Charly Flow thought that he had lost his beloved, he decided to leave his car to Erick, the apartment to Drama Key and travel to Japan to visit his daughter. However, Yeimy appeared and kissed him.

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