Royal wedding on the doorstep! Queen Elizabeth’s cousin marries

The great news was not only published via Instagram by Tatiana, but also in the newspaper The Telegraph: “The engagement of Alick, son of Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Drs, of Bicklam, Somerset, and Tatiana, daughter of the Marquis of Milfrod Haven and Lady Spencer of Alresford,” he notes.

Alick studied at Eton College, in whose ranks were also the princes williams Y Harry, and appears alongside Tatiana in a series of romantic photos recently posted on Instagram.

Tatiana is related to the queen through the queen Victoria and is part of the line of succession to the British throne, in place 464. In addition, it has connection with the already non-existent monarchies of Germany and Russia. Like her distant cousin, she is a fan of horses and competes professionally. He speaks five languages, including Danish, having lived in Denmark for a time.

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