Los Tigres del Norte: San José, California, the true origin of the Mexican group

For more than Los North Tigers are closely related to Mexico and that all your successes be dedicated to that country, your success did not begin there but on the other side of the border, specifically in U.S.

It was in San José, California, where the four members of the group began their artistic life, which has been very successful, although, like anyone else, it was difficult for them to reach stardom.

While they started in U.SIt is important to remember that the members are originally from Mocorito, Sinaloa, which is why they adopted the native gender of their country.

Los Tigres del Norte during a presentation.  (Photo: Tigres del norte ”/ Instagram)
Los Tigres del Norte during a presentation. (Photo: Tigres del norte ”/ Instagram)


Being from Mexico, Los Tigres del Norte always focused on that country as a target audience, especially because of the regional genre that they adopted from the beginning.

The Mexican population knew how to adopt its main themes within their culture and for many those songs are like hymns in their day to day life.

Since its founding in 1968, this group has won the entire affection of the whole country and it is most likely that they will continue to reap greater successes in the coming years as their validity remains intact.

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In addition to having conquered MexicoThese four artistic artists managed to reach other countries, where they also have thousands of fans who sing their best songs with a lot of sentimentality.

Some of the countries that have also adopted the talent shown by this group are Colombia, El Salvador and Guatemala.

Of course, during their concerts in the United States they usually bring together fans from all over Latin America. And the fact is that the Hispanic community in that country is large and almost always unites and shares the best of each locality.


  • Jorge Hernandez Angulo
  • Hernán Hernández Angulo
  • Eduardo Hernandez Angulo
  • Oscar Angulo Lara


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