Grupo Modelo exchanged the plastic rings of its beers for cardboard for its 6-packs — it invests 80 million pesos for their use in Quintana Roo

Grupo Modelo is committed to more sustainable materials for the six-pack (6-pack) that contains its beers. Instead of the typical plastic rings, the company uses CanCollar Eco technology, which consists of recyclable cardboard.

In fact, the company invested 80 million pesos (mp) for the elimination of plastic rings from its beer cans that will be distributed in Quintana Roo. In that state he began his process of leaving plastic behind.

In this way, you will be able to avoid around 335 tons of plastic waste annually. “After a Corona pilot program in Tulum, at Grupo Modelo we continue to bet on innovation in the search for alternatives for plastic rings in the packaging of beer cans,” said Soqui Calderón, Grupo Modelo’s regional director of Sustainability.

The design and technology of CanCollar Eco allows to consume a smaller quantity of material; however, this packaging serves to hold and secure beer cans throughout the supply chain, Calderón said.

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The cardboard rings for the 6-pack of beers are an ecological solution developed by WestRock and produced in Mexico by Grupo Gondi. This allows the plastic rings to be removed from the cans sold in Quintana Roo in two stages:

Thus, the plastic rings of the Negra Modelo, Barrilito and Victoria brands will be eliminated. In this regard, Patrick Kivits, president of consumer packaging at WestRock, said in a statement that with this design “we are driving sustainability by working with our customers to develop and implement new innovative green packaging solutions.”

Unlike a cardboard box that completely covers the product, the CanCollar Eco only uses a layer of cardboard to support the tops of the cans. Using this solution, the goal is to bring approximately 12 million plastic rings off the market per year.

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