“Züleyha”, “Hercai” and “Dulce ambición”: this week’s schedule of Telefe soap operas

What hours will they have?Züleyha“,” Hercai “and” Sweet ambition “? Turkish and Brazilian soap operas have attracted a large audience on the small screen, with their premieres every week, adding more surprises in their fictions and with prestigious actors such as Hilal Altınbilek, Murat Ünalmış, Uğur Güneş, Ebru Şahin, Akın Akınözü, Paolla Oliveira and Juliana Paes. During the week of January 10-14, there will be more surprises in fiction.

It is not a secret that the productions of Brazil have always had a secure place in South America and in other parts of the Spanish-speaking world, as well as mexican. “Sweet ambition”, in this way, has shown that his stories continue to impact the audience.

However, it can be assured that the current news of Turkish soap operas is an inevitable phenomenon on television. Its success has reached an international level and two examples are “Bitter land” o “Züleyha” y “Hercai”.

The plots and the casts are the keys to the success of these productions that are inevitable in the television grill and in the preferences of the various audiences, as in Argentina Telefe.

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Ebru Şahin en una escena de la telenovela "Hercai".  (Photo: Mia Yapim)
Ebru Şahin en una escena de la telenovela “Hercai”. (Photo: Mia Yapim)


15:45 hours | “Sweet ambition”

The Brazilian soap opera “Sweet ambition”Is transmitted from Monday to Friday in the hours of 3:45 p.m. to 4:45 p.m. from Argentina.

The soap opera tells the story of Maria de la Paz Sobral Ramírez, a determined itinerant pastry chef who manages to become a famous and wealthy businesswoman, twenty years after a tragedy on her wedding day.

Star in history Juliana Paes, Marcos Palmeira, Paolla Oliveira and Sérgio Guizé in the main roles, and told with Agatha Moreira, Nathalia Dill, Nívea Maria, Reynaldo Gianecchini, Jussara Freire, Rafael Queiroz and Lee Taylor, among others.

The first episode of "Dulce ambición" premiered on November 22, 2019. (Photo: Univisión)
The first episode of “Dulce ambición” premiered on November 22, 2019. (Photo: Univisión)

16:45 hours | “Hercai: love and revenge”

The Turkish soap opera “Hercai: love and revenge”Is transmitted by Telefe from Monday to Friday during the hours of 4:45 p.m. to 5:45 p.m. in Argentina.

The story is shrouded in love, betrayal, and revenge. Reyyan Sadoglu Falls in love of Miran Aslanbey without knowing their true intentions. He will discover that their love is stronger than rivalry and hatred, but it will not prevent a family war from unleashing that will force them to fight for their relationship.

“Hercai” stars Ebru Sahin and Akin Akinozu, junto a Ayda Aksel, Gülçin Santırcıoğlu, Lace Unustası, Serdar Özer, Macit Sonkan, Gülçin Hatıhan, İlay Erkök en los roles antagónicos.

Miran and Reyyan in the Turkish soap opera "Hercai: love and revenge".  (Photo: Mia Yapim)
Miran and Reyyan in the Turkish soap opera “Hercai: love and revenge”. (Photo: Mia Yapim)

17:45 hours | “Züleyha” / “Bitter land”

From Monday to Friday Telefe broadcasts Turkish soap opera “Bitter land”From 5:45 p.m. to 6:45 p.m. in Argentina.

Fiction has managed to captivate the public from the love story of Yilmaz and Züleyha. He is a man who is willing to kill and die to defend his partner; she, meanwhile, is a woman who is capable of abandoning everything to save the life of her loved one.

Züleyha”Is starring Ugur Gunes, Hilal Altinbilek, Murat Unalmis, Vehide Perçin, Bulent Polat, Serpil Tamur, Sibel Tascioglu, Selin Yeninci, Selin Genc, ​​Mehmet Polat, Furkan Palali; entre otros.

Hilal Altınbilek as Züleyha, the protagonist of the Turkish soap opera "Bitter Land".  (Photo: Tims & B Productions)
Hilal Altınbilek as Züleyha, the protagonist of the Turkish soap opera “Bitter Land”. (Photo: Tims & B Productions)


“Bitter Land” is the story of a legendary love, which begins in Istanbul in the 1970s and continues in the land of Çukurova. The couple in love Züleyha y Yilmaz decide to hide their identities and move from Istanbul due to the murder that Yilmaz committed to protect his beloved from a sexual assault.

Fate leads them to Cukurova, specifically to the people of Adana, where they decide to stay and work on the farm of Hünkar Yaman and his son Demir, who will fall in love with the young woman without knowing that her heart belongs to Yilmaz. To maintain anonymity, the two lovers decide to pretend to be brothers before the local society.

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The drama of “Hercai”Is centered on Reyyan, granddaughter of the Sadoglu, one of the most powerful families in Midyat, as well as one of the most cruel. As she is not the biological granddaughter of Nasuh, the clan leader, the young woman is constantly mistreated and humiliated at the expense of her cousin Yaren.

However, that does not prevent They watch, Yaren’s fiancé, falls in love and finally marries her. After their wedding night, and after consummating their marriage, Reyyan discovers that Miran only married her to get revenge on her family. In time, the secrets will be revealed as Reyyan and Miran try to appreciate their love despite all obstacles.

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