Canon teaches you how to install unofficial cartridges in some printers

Printers are a fundamental part of almost every business. At least in the most office parts you will need one with which it is possible to make several copies of a document quickly and easily. But one of the things that do more damage to the pocket is the supply of ink, and especially to the users of a Canon device. But the company has made a very important decision teaching its users to load unofficial cartridges in some of your printers.

Canon teaches you how to install unofficial cartridges. Why?

One of the struggles that printer manufacturers have is the use of unofficial cartridges. Different companies have done everything possible to avoid this type of practice. But in the case of Canon it seems that there has been a change of plans in this sense with a new direction that the firm itself has taken. It turns out that you have now directly skipped the notice of installing an unofficial cartridge on some models.

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This is what he commented in a statement on his own page where they admit that “aunthat our toner supply is not affected by this situation and we are being able to meet the needs of our customers with total normality, we are experiencing certain difficulties in purchasing specific electronic components included in the toner bottles of some models in our range of multifunction printers. “

Specifically, some of the most professional models have been affected, such as the case of the imageRUNNER 2625i/2630i/2645i o la serie imageRUNNER ADVANCE DX 6000i among many others that you can consult in this list. And you will wonder what all of them have in common, and it is nothing more than a chip installed in the toner itself.

Yes, the firm used a chip with which to control certain parameters of the tones, such as the copies made, the level of remaining ink or if it is an original cartridge. However, the current shortage of semiconductors has forced Canon to leave these components out of color, something that will be noticed at the electronic level when the ink level goes from 100 to 0 quickly, at which point the original bottle will have to be installed. to get it going again.