Apple Fitness + already has guided tours

Perhaps one of the most anticipated devices under the trees this year was the Apple Watch. The Apple watch is always a gift to hit the mark, especially now that more and more people are aware that they have to exercise, and if that were not enough, you carry a device with a great design. But lovers of Sports and wellness will soon have new features in Apple Fitness +.

New tours arrive at Apple Fitness +

One of the things that many users start to take care of is because others help them in this task. It’s such a straightforward area for some that they just need to put on their tracksuit and go for a run or head to their gym for a little exercise. Others opt to stay at home and do the exercises that they have yet to do in their favorite applications or YouTube channels.

But among all the possibilities that exist to work the body, you may, being a faithful user of the bitten apple, have contracted the Apple Fitness + service. The service arrived in Spain last year, back in the month of September, but it still has many things to integrate among all its features, a very new one that is coming for the moment for English-speaking users since it will be launched in cities around the world.e Londres, Brooklyn y Miami Beach.

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This is the great novelty of ‘listening to a famous person’ in your ears while you make your way. This is the concept of what is called Time to Run. It is a function that will guide you on your section through the city that you will perform while listening to a famous person who will tell you something. In fact, he accompanies music according to the site and, as if that were not enough, you will have at hand photos taken in the place where you are passing.

Artist Spotlight, more artists added

Another feature that receives improvements within Apple Fitness + is Artist Spotlight. The bitten apple combines workouts with music by popular artists or bands that will be played while the user does whatever exercise they want. On the other hand, new celebrities will also join the small podcast program, something that many will appreciate so that their walks or quiet exercise sessions are much more productive and entertaining.