Journalist asked for the cappuccino with gold of 67 dollars from Salt Bae and criticized it: “it is disconcerting”

There are customers who tend to drink espresso after lunch and others ask for it for pleasure and love of its flavor. This happened to a ‘customer’ who has just joined the long list of critics of restaurants in Salt Bae. The Turkish chef has a ‘golden menu’ where his main dishes are covered in 24 karat gold where there is not only the $ 2,000 steak, but a $ 67 cappuccino, how delicious is it? Nusret Gökçe will not like to hear the opinion of Zak Garner-Purkis, a reporter from ‘My London’ who was encouraged to try it and write his experience.

The store manager recently admitted that covering the plate with gold “It does not improve the taste or change the quality”. Knowing this, the main character of the review decided to order the drink which costs £ 50, but during his visit at the Turkey branch.

“I ordered the golden cappuccino and baklava, which in London would cost £ 100, in Turkey it was around £ 25. Not exactly cheap, but better than the UK. The drink only appears to be a standard cup of frothy coffee with a gold square on top. It’s puzzling because the cappuccino itself is hidden, you have to trust that you have the right amount of coffee underneath, not to mention the chocolate chips. Then there is the gold “, wrote in ‘My London’.

An unsuccessful cappuccino

“While it may be tasteless and odorless (speaking of gold), you soon find that it sticks to everything. When the glass arrived I couldn’t help but tear off a loose corner, which immediately covered my finger with golden fragments, I didn’t know whether to eat them or put them together and put them in my pocket. Drinking the cappuccino covered my teeth and lips in pieces of gold “added.

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The customer was not at all comfortable with the square-shaped gold foil on his hot drink. “I can’t help but feel like having pieces of metal around my mouth would be a cause for concern to people, like I’ve bought a set of malfunctioning grills or fell flat on my face in a collection plate. An unintended effect of the golden square is that it tastes like when you let a hot chocolate cool and a skin develops on top. It’s a reasonably good cappuccino, but if you expect the gold to elevate the experience to a £ 50 coffee, you will be disappointed. “.

The customer was totally disgusted with the ’24 Karat Gold Experience’ and at the end of his drink he chose to “grab a spoon and try to eat the last of the gold chunks. There’s something about the shiny metal that makes you want to put it away, even if it means shoving bits of cappuccino foam in your mouth. “

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The baklava show

The Salt Bae visitor also ordered a baklava, a cake made with a paste of pistachios or crushed walnuts, the experience of which was not disappointing. He said that the waiter left it on the table and asked him not to eat it because he would do a previous show.

“Moments later he returns with a colleague who pours a liquid into a metal pot and the table is covered with white ice. With the scene set, the show begins. The waiter lifts the golden lid of the baklava and spreads the ice cream between it and the pistachio-covered base. Once the ice cream sandwich is done, slide a steak knife between the tips of a fork and star the two cutlery down. He pulls the knife back and repeats the motion as if slicing a piece of meat, before opening it so I can see his work. Just when it seems he’s finished, he picks up a slice with his fork and insists on feeding me. “

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“When it comes to the taste of baklava it’s a solid 5 out of 10, you can tell by the texture of the dough that it’s not fresh and you can definitely find better non-browned versions of the Turkish dessert for a fraction of the price. But if you want to impress your friends with an Instagram story that shows you enjoying a ‘Golden Menu’ item, then at £ 50 this is definitely the option that offers the most value, ”he said.

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Salt Bae is a very famous Turkish chef in the world who managed to forge the millionaire empire that he enjoys today starting with a humble job such as butchery. In the following video, we will tell you a little more about him, which will undoubtedly surprise you by his way of cutting meats and the exorbitant prices that a meal in his restaurant costs.