The Samsung Galaxy S22 could arrive in early February

We start in 2022, and that means that many smartphone manufacturers have their devices almost ready to show them to the world. And it is that they are very propitious dates for this, and although many show in the CES of the beginning of years some devices are the mobiles the ones that are waiting for their launch at the Mobile World Congress. And it seems that this will be the moment chosen by Samsung to show the world your new Samsung Galaxy S22.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 getting closer and closer

The Korean company is one of the most loved by fans of mobile phones. It has some of the most important devices on the market, where we can find its maximum potential in the Galaxy S family with the permission of the Galaxy Z. We focus on the first of all, since rumors arrive from when could we see the next Samsung Galaxy S22.

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The terminal is one of the most anticipated and it is a matter of a very short time that we will see it if we follow what the Korean media has to say This indicates that it will be next February 8 when we would see the first Unpacked of the year with all members of the Galaxy S family uncovered.

If we think about it carefully, the dates are not at all nonsense, especially when we consider when the current Galaxy S21 was presented. The date dates from January 14, Come on, at this point we would be very aware that the Korean firm began to announce with great fanfare the arrival of the presentation event of its new high-end terminals.

The reality is that this year we will have to wait a little longer and, if what the Korean media says is true, it would be a matter of days to wait for the firm’s statement. What is not entirely clear is the way in which this event will be held. In other words, with the presence of COVID in the last two years there have been no face-to-face events like the ones before and instead there have been presentations launched in video format over the Internet.

In case of doing it in person, it will be up to Samsung to take the necessary measures so that attendees go and feel as safe as possible given the current circumstances.