The 10 worst things the main characters of “La casa de papel” did

After five seasons, “The Money Heist” (“Money Heist” in English) came to an end on December 3, 2021, closing with a flourish the story of the robbers and the Professor, after five falls, explosions and some bittersweet victories.

The series created by Álex Pina was released for the first time on May 2, 2017 in Spain. Then he made his leap to Netflix, becoming an international furor and launching his actors such as Álvaro Morte (The Professor), Pedro Alonso (Berlin), Úrsula Corberó (Tokyo), among others to fame.

After the end of the Spanish series, it was time to recall some of the questionable decisions that the most famous robber gang in the world made. With so many twists and turns, “Paper House” proved that playing for the same team didn’t always mean being close, as the characters put each other through dire tests, from revealing secrets to shocking betrayals. Here are the 10 worst things the show’s main characters did, according to Screenrant.

“The paper house” came to an end on December 3, 2021 after five seasons (Photo: Netflix)


10. Raquel revealed the Berlin disease

When Raquel discovered that Berlin suffers from a degenerative disease, she uses this to her advantage when entering the Royal Mint. Knowing that she has kept her illness a secret, she reveals to Tokio and Rio that Berlin has only a few months to live with the intention of causing a division within the team.

9. Sierra shot the Professor

When Alicia is fired and the police are looking for her, she goes after the Professor on her own. He manages to find him and demands to know how the robbers are going to extract the gold from the bank. However, the Professor says nothing to him and Alicia shoots him above the knee. Although the wound is not fatal, Alicia showed how far she is capable of going.

Sierra shot the Professor (Photo: Netflix)
Sierra shot the Professor (Photo: Netflix)

8. Tokyo almost killed Berlin

After hours without contact from the teacher, several members of the team begin to lose hope. Tokyo carries out a coup and ties up Berlin while holding him at gunpoint. Then destroying his medication in front of him, almost killing him.

7. Tamayo made Sierra blame himself

After Rio’s torturers confessed to the world that it was Colonel Prieto who ordered their torture, Colonel Tamayo blamed Sierra. Then, at a press conference, Sierra revealed to the world the details about the police involvement in the Nairobi death and the Rio torture. This later resulted in an arrest warrant against her.

6. Berlin ordered Denver to kill Monica

After Denver finds out that Monica is pregnant, he gives her $ 20,000 and tries to convince her not to have an abortion. When Berlin catches Monica with a phone, he orders Denver to kill her. Fortunately, this does not happen. Clearly, Denver feels some kind of emotional connection to her and doesn’t want anything bad to happen to her. This ruthless demand from Berlin showed just how far it is capable of going to maintain control.

5. Alicia was involved in the torture of Rio

Although she did not participate, Alicia watched Rio being tortured. After being denied a trial, Rio spent months captive in a dark and confined space that was so small that he could only stand. Furthermore, she saw how Rio was forced to dig his own grave in which he was later buried alive. Although she somehow managed to redeem herself in the final season, Alicia demonstrated the evil abilities she possessed.

4. Toyko left Rio

Two years after successfully carrying out the Royal Mint heist, Tokio and Rio are living together in Panama. However, Tokyo grew bored of the paradise lifestyle and left Rio in search of a more exciting life. Although she was only doing the right thing for herself, Tokio’s decision to leave led to Rio being captured.

Toyko dejó a Rio (Foto: Netflix)
Toyko dejó a Rio (Foto: Netflix)

3. Berlin handed Tokyo over to the Police

After losing connection with the Professor, Tokyo goes off the rails and is about to kill Berlin. When he is released, Berlin retaliates by tying Toyko to a table and taking her out of the Royal Mint to hand her over to the police. Although Tokyo’s actions were reckless, this was the worst kind of punishment Berlin could have given him.

2. Alicia used the son of Nairobi against her

Knowing that her son is her weakness, Alicia found Axel and led him out of the bank to lure Nairobi to the window. As Nairobi is distracted by seeing her son, Alicia ordered a sniper to shoot her. This did not kill her, but it was the beginning of a series of events that ultimately led to her tragic death. This was one of the cruelest acts Alicia did throughout the series.

1. Palermo betrayed the team

When Tokio took control of the heist, Palermo was furious and intends to leave the bank. The rest of the team avoid this by tying him to a chair. Later, Palermo conspires with Gandia and shows him how to free himself from his wives, causing chaos. His actions led to the death of Nairobi and that of Tokyo. This was one of the worst things he could have done.

Palermo betrayed the team (Photo: Netflix)
Palermo betrayed the team (Photo: Netflix)
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