Tesla’s full autonomous driving mode will include three different modes. So that?

Tesla does not stop updating its fleet of vehicles to continue dominating the sales of electric cars worldwide. Although there are times when they have to disable some functions, such as when they had to disable games to prevent drivers from being confused, the truth is that many of these improvements are really useful.

And today we want to talk to you about Tesla’s full autonomous driving mode. We know that the electric motor giant has been working for a long time to make Autopilot work like silk, allowing full autonomous driving so that the driver and other passengers do not have to worry about anything.

Well, the beta version of the mFull Autonomous Driving (FSD) will allow you to choose between three profiles: Chill, Average or Assertive, that vary mainly in the way of driving, to make it less aggressive and safer. With the update corresponding to version 10.3.1 of October 2021, some very interesting news has arrived.

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It is true that these FSD profiles are still not available, but we can see in the app that there will be changes in the way of “controlling behaviors such as rolling stops, lane changes based on speed, following distance and distance to the yellow light”.

This is how the new driving modes will work in Tesla cars

Thanks to a post on Twitter, we have been able to see more details of the vehicle. Y Assertive mode seems perfect for drivers who like a more aggressive style. Among the indications it offers, we see that it will have different functions, such as the possibility of make lane changes to increase speed, move through passing lanes and make “rolling stops,” which may indicate that signs such as yield the right-of-way the vehicle would not come to a complete stop if not necessary.

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With Chill mode, Tesla cars will offer a greater safety distance and make fewer lane changes, while Average mode would be a middle ground between Chill and Assertive mode. It is still too early to see how FSD profiles work, but at least we are getting an idea of ​​what to expect. And the Assertive mode does not seem to be the safest precisely, but we will have to see it in operation to know what Elon Musk wants to surprise us with this time.

Lastly, say that the full autonomous driving mode will also arrive in Spain, so it is a matter of having a little patience until it is available in the entire fleet of Tesla vehicles.