Google Pair comes to Android TV and Google TV so you can connect headphones more easily

During the last edition of CES in Las Vegas, Google took advantage of the idyllic setting offered by this technology fair to talk about the news that will come to mobile phones with Android. And one of the most interesting is also going to be available on both Android TV and Google TV.

It is an open secret that Google wants to get rid of the term “Android.” First it was Wear OS, the wearable operating system that came to replace Android Wear. And the last example we have in Android TV, the acclaimed operating system for smart TVs, which is gradually being replaced by Google TV.

Of course, the great G knows that Android TV has a rope for a while, so it has not hesitated to add this operating system to the new function that will come to Google TV. We talk about Fast Pair, a perfect tool to pair headphones with any compatible device.

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Android TV and Google TV will offer support for Google Fast Pair


Google TV Television with Google TV

As we told you, Google Fast Pair is a powerful tool that allows you to switch devices automatically when you have paired a pair of headphones. For example, now you can be listening to a song through your mobile and, the moment you enter home and press the corresponding button, the audio will start to come out from your smart TV.

We continue to work with our partners to further expand Fast Pair functionality beyond audio connectivity with wearables, headphones, speakers, and cars, and to extend it to televisions and smart home devices, so you can instantly start using all devices. of your life”, said Erik Ka, vice president of Multi-Device Experiences at Google. “In the coming months, you’ll be able to set up your headphones for when you need to watch quietly with your Google TV or Android TV OS device at home. “

On the other hand, Fast Pair será compatible con Matter, the new open source connectivity standard that is having the support of firms such as LG, Samsung, Apple or Google itself. The objective? Making connecting smart devices easier than ever.

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Finally, highlight that The Big G has announced that spatial audio and head tracking is coming to Android phones very soon., so fingers will have to be crossed that this technology also lands on smart TVs that use its operating system.

The idea of ​​Google with its Fast Pair technology is that you can have your headphones paired with all the devices you want through your Google account. And depending on your needs, you can change the sound source very easily.

For now, Google has not given too many details about it, mainly that this technology can be used with compatible headphones and little else.