The third generation iPhone SE is just around the corner. When will they present it?

Little by little we are learning new details about the next generation of Apple mobile phones. For example, we know that the iPhone 15 Pro will do without a SIM card slot, betting completely on the e-SIM. And now we have found out that the third generation of the iPhone SE could be right around the corner.

Or this is what emerges from the Latest report published by Mark Gurman on Bloomberg. To say that this journalist is an eminence on issues related to Apple products, so we can give enough truth to the information he has published.

In this case, Gurman claims that most likely Apple will seize their spring event to show off your cheap new iPhone. We are talking about the third generation iPhone SE, a model that would have some very interesting surprises. The most remarkable? The arrival of 5G and a more powerful processor.

The iPhone SE would keep the characteristic design of the iPhone 8

As indicated by Mark Gurman, the third-generation iPhone SE would keep the design of its predecessors and that it is clearly inspired by the iPhone 8, but adding 5G connectivity, and a new processor that points to ways to be the Apple Bionic A15.

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Regarding the rest of technical characteristics that this new phone could have, at the moment we do not know any more information about it. But we can assume that being a low-cost phone, within the prices of the American manufacturer’s products, we must expect a decaffeinated configuration. Forget an OLED panel, but they could increase its storage capacity up to 128 GB, in addition to some change in the photographic section. In addition, with 5G connectivity, we can expect that the battery of this third generation iPhone SE will be larger than that of its predecessor.

According to the date when Apple could present its new third-generation iPhone SE, We can assume that the spring event of the signature of the bitten apple will be held in March or April, so we will have to wait a bit to see what the company led by Tim Cook surprises us with.

Anyway, now we can only wait for the American manufacturer to invite us to its spring conference to learn more details about the possible date of presentation of the third generation iPhone SE.

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