The SciFi movies and series we will see in 2022

Science fiction has always accompanied us in the cinema. If you were not born with it, you do have the honor of turning it very shortly after into the entertainment that we still know today. From the hand of the illusionist Méliès, his seminal Voyage to the Moon (1902) and of a fruitful work, the cinema added wonder to the simple representation of reality.

There was no recognition of its importance despite its value and living golden stages like the 50’s. It was at the end of the 60’s when Kubrick gives the genre a serious work patina with 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968). A year later the United States put astronauts on the Moon. The fever for space grew. The explosion that led to the premiere of Star Wars in 1977 was already a point of no return. The cinema of pure entertainment was made with the theaters and science fiction went hand in hand equally without complexes with the auteur cinema, the drama, the terror, the comedy or the thriller.

In the XXI century there are no technological limits to present other worlds before our eyes in the most credible way. In that sense, Terminator 2 and Jurassic Park, with the help of Industrial Light and Magic, they were in charge of leading the way in the 90s while unlocking jaws in movie theaters. The Matrix, meanwhile, accelerated the pace and presented us with a video game world like we had never dreamed of. Released in 1999, we could consider it the first film of the 21st century.

In the last decade, the absolute reign of the superheroes has left little room for improvisation. That is where the freshness of the Guardians of the Galaxy, and Marvel movies themselves took us in some of their installments to the confines of a universe in check with a mystical snap of the fingers. So, and with a special report dedicated to the series and superhero movies that we will see in 2022, let’s see what the rest of the genre remains in what is to come. We take off.


And we start high. Roland Emmerich, the guy who most enjoys destroying our planet (Independence Day, Godzilla, The Day After Tomorrow, 2012), return to his old ways on February 4 with the crazy Moonfall. Drama, silly humor, the Moon that has gone out of its orbit, a formless monster, explosions galore and destruction to the beast pure brand of the house. One of those popcorn movies that you have to see on the big screen because they show every dollar spent with a bang. Attentive to its final trailer because it has no waste.


The Xbox flagship and the cinema is long overdue. Spielberg and Peter Jackson spent a long time fighting to transform Halo into a movie worthy of the games. The short films with a convincing warlike and industrial air from Neil Blomkamp they made him a firm candidate to get behind the camera. That went nowhere, leading to a terrific District 9 and an interesting directing career. And yes, we have received animated series and in real image with and without the Master Chief, and with good results in some cases. That is the path chosen for this Spielberg production exclusively for the Paramount + platform. What has been seen fits with the high standards of the current series, so it only remains to fill in such fantastic images with a script to match. It touches to cross the fingers.

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Avatar 2

The Avatar thing has also been going on for a long time. In 2009, this blue and extraterrestrial version of Pocahontas brought with it the ephemeral craze of 3D in the cinema (which even reached the manufacture of televisions and blu rays in this format) and the promise of a series of films set in Pandora. A thought that runs through the internet is that James Cameron has been absorbed by a megalomaniac project that has prevented us from enjoying his new films during all this time. We do not know what about that 3D system without glasses that was talked about at some point, not much of the argument beyond that it will show us underwater environments (so appreciated by the director, we just have to remember the pre-production of Titanic), or that hit theaters in December. We believe that Cameron is trustworthy. Hopefully everything looks as good as the Avatar: Frontiers game, which we have enjoyed in a lavish and spacious trailer.


We did not leave Pandora but we did change the creative universe with Borderlands. The successful video game series will hit theaters this year under the leadership of Eli Roth. The choice fits, given the hooliganism of video games and the director’s work. A prison / mining planet awaits us with an ancient secret, very crazy people, hundreds of shots and an air very close to Mad Max. The latter may be a drag given the sheer quality of the latest version of the character created by George Miller. The sci-fi touch can make a difference and take you away from poor shadowing. Also fun and humor in the midst of chaos.

Obi-Wan Kenobi

Disney, after the debacle of cinema in pandemic 2020 (they came from a few years full of successes in which they effortlessly dominated the box office and broke record after record), has found the key to continue making cash from the comfort of our living rooms. Container of much of the cinematic mythology of our time, both Marvel superheroes and the Satar Wars franchise wore in 2021 in series over film productions. The bump in the new space trilogy forced a rethink of strategy. Clean slate in future plans. Thus, Mandalorians and animation are paving the way for products like this Obi-Wan Kenobi. Edward McGregor takes up the mythical character on a path that is already beginning to seem safe to travel. Hopefully the force will be with you.

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We are still in a galaxy far, far away. Twelve chapters, a cast of two hundred actors including main, secondary and extras; a team of more than six thousand people … A whole superproduction that in the video that we put below they insist on comparing with the cinema. And it is not necessary. We already know that the series long ago blurred the line that differentiated them from the big screen. This “story of the rebellion” brings us back to one of the characters from the wonderful Rogue One. That modern Twelve of the Gallows, with its character as an independent work of the trilogy then in progress, and with a tremendously dramatic ending that linked directly with the beginning of Episode IV of 1977, won the hearts of everyone. Set, for obvious reasons, before the events of Rogue One, it tells us about the adventures of the character Cassian Andor, played by the Mexican Diego Luna. With more than a year of filming already behind us, we still have only concept art to put in our mouths. Even so, we predict a good future for that rebellion.


On paper we could have our doubts about the need for this film. It sounded more like a quarterback from a sold-out Toy Story. Pixar, although it maintains an enviable level, following Disney’s production requirements, which was definitively done with it, forces it to deliver purely food products from time to time. But of course, is to see the presentation trailer and fall asleep. The level of animation and artistic direction look outstanding, the character’s charisma is there, and despite the inevitable touch of humor, you feel a certain drama and nostalgia in the whole. Now what we are looking forward to is to be able to sit on June 17 in a dark room where Bowie sings in our ear while the starry universe opens before our eyes.


In April this film should finally arrive, which began to be assembled at the end of the terrible 2020. Starring the charismatic Adam Driver (the baddie from the last Star Wars trilogy) and produced by none other than Sam Raimi (Infernal Possession), is written and directed by Scott Beck y Brian Woods (authors of that almost silent wonder that is A Quiet Place). In music will be Danny Elfman (Martian eighties pop musician with the group Oingo Boingo, found his twin brother in director Tim Burton, for whom he became his regular songwriter). The combo seems unbeatable, of course. We have some plot details, but the puzzle still has very few pieces and we went from trying to fantasize about the outcome only to screw it up. A whole mystery from which we will soon leave doubts.

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Jurassic World: Dominion

The opposite occurs with the closing of the Jurassic World trilogy. A luxurious prologue has even been made public about it. Continuing the story of that eternal disaster that is bringing dinosaurs back to life, Dominion shows the ancient kings of the planet facing off against the new ones. Life makes its way, a phrase to remember that was said in the seminal film, and it expands through our world to the bewilderment of humans, always accustomed to trampling everything that is put in front of them. It promises to be a spectacular end to the party. We leave you with the impressive prologue released by Universal.

The Mandalorian Temporada 3

We say goodbye with the third season of the Mandalorian series. Continues to shine that ray of light that dazzled us all in the dark moments of the New Order. The Madalorian proved that you could do things right. He was right even by introducing an element that had failed miserably in the already old Episode I: inserting a non-human being that serves as a comic counterpoint. Baby Yoda made us look silly and laugh at each occurrence. The rest, a western that connected directly with the first hour of the original Episode IV. Behind all this, something that goes unnoticed but that would attract attention if it were not there and that supposes a whole revolution in cinema and series: Stagecraft. We already published something about it a while ago. We encourage you to stop by to take a look. And it is possible that at some point we will publish a report in which we delve into what the use of modern video game engines means for movies and television series. Stay tuned.

And we reached the end of our journey, which is but the beginning of everything that awaits us. Whether in a huge and thunderous dark room or in the safety of the living rooms of our homes, we have windows on cinema and TV screens to peer into other worlds and other realities. Go shopping for popcorn that is about to get fun in abundance.