An anonymous man finances the education of a poor student in China, inspired by the similar help he received as a young man

An anonymous person paid for the college education of a low-income student in China for the past seven years. However, after sending the final payment, the benefactor cut off contact with the young man, media report locales.

Now, Xie Yang (not his real name), who studied at Minzu University in China’s Sichuan province, has turned to the press to try to find the philanthropist, who had identified himself as ‘Brother Ice’. , in Spanish). The man stopped communicating with Xie last week, after sending him the last payment of 6,000 yuan ($ 941) and a goodbye message asking him not to return the money.

The student and his benefactor met seven years ago near Xie’s hometown, where ‘Brother Ice’ was traveling. After learning about his financial difficulties, the man decided to finance the boy’s education.

Although the young man and his family wanted to thank him personally, ‘Brother Ice’ objected to the gesture. Later, when Xie discovered that she could no longer contact him through social media, she decided to seek help in the media, stating that she could not forget the goodness of a man and wanted people to know about her actions.

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Finally, one of the media found ‘Brother Ice’, whose real name is Lin Zhenbing. The 32-year-old was born into a poor family, just like Xie, and he also received financial help from a donor. Also, this man broke contact with Lin, stating that he hoped that he could help others when he had the opportunity, so that, inspired by his own case, the subject has so far funded the studies of eight young people.