Geraldine Bazán ready for wedding and new baby? She responds

Because the actress was living with children during her visit to the Latidos de Amor organization, where she gave toys and the traditional Rosca de Reyes left, the artist spoke of her wishes to have another child.

“I see babies and I definitely drool, and then they grow up and other things come, but in theory it is always very nice to think of a new baby, but in practice it is a bit complicated,” he explained about it.

Upon hearing the name of her beau, the actress of 100 days to fall in love He commented: “Good, everything super good. Definitely, you know that you share what you want to share and, finally, if you do not want something to be exposed you want to keep it as very much for you and take care of, then you do not go where you know you do not have to go.

“You do not expose yourself when it is not necessary to do it, then the truth is that yes, I like it, I do it this way at this moment and I will continue to do it, maybe later, in some other situation it changes, but for now I am very happy like this I like it and I prefer to keep it that way, “added Bazán.

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