The fantastic response of a restaurant to a customer dissatisfied with the attention of the waiters

Restaurant ratings that are public on social networks They can cause anything from an increase in clientele to a crisis in business due to bad reviews from diners. A clear example of this is found in Twitter with the fantastic answer viral of the owners of a food establishment against the complaints about the supposed bad service that they offer.

The account I am a Waiter Known for collecting the funniest and most outrageous comments on the internet, she shared a review snapshot with her masterful response. In the image, the diner classifies the establishment’s staff as “Unqualified in the face of unusual situation”.

Faced with this negative comment, the owners of the premises did not remain silent and responded. According to managers, these clients rated as “unusual situation ” the unfortunate incident that an older adult starred in, who lost consciousness inside the enclosure.

The restaurant staff and customers joined forces to help the woman: they tried to bring her closer to the front door to get fresh air. However, the board members who wrote this destructive review “They did not bother to help and closed the door, because they were cold”, As explained by the owners.

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“This, which would seem surreal to anyone, we will have repeated ad nauseam. In an already tense situation, which has ended with the lady going by ambulance to the hospital, you bombard us with 4 negative evaluations “, they added.

Likewise, the owners of the premises took the opportunity to wish these customers a “Little humanity and less selfishness by 2022”.