More than 1,000 transactions at the premiere of a cryptocurrency ATM in Uruguay

Punta del Este (Uruguay), Jan 7 (Latest) .- More than 1,000 transactions were made in the initial hours of operation of the first UTM cryptocurrency ATM installed in Uruguay, which was inaugurated this Friday in the town of Punta del Este (southeast ).

The ATM, developed by inBierto – responsible for the crypto Ferret Token, which in the last 25 days grew 1,200% – and Urubit, allows operating with local currency but also with international Bitcóin and BNB.

The operations exceeded the initial expectation of the organizers, which, in the words of the founder and CEO of inBierto, Adolfo Varela, shows that “Uruguay has the conditions to be an international crypto hub and can be the platform for this technology to enter to Latin America “.

“This first step that is being taken today in a network that is going to grow throughout the country and that is going to develop throughout Latin America is fundamental for us and for the crypto ecosystem,” said the founder of inBierto.

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The creators of the ATM, developed entirely in Uruguay, seek to expand the network in Maldonado (southeastern Uruguayan department where Punta del Este is located) and, later, take it to Montevideo and Colonia (southwest), another of the most touristic points in the country, such as upcoming goals.

The inauguration of the ATM, which was installed in a central place in Punta del Este – the epicenter of social activity in the austral summer – was supported by Binance Uruguay – a cryptocurrency trading platform – and the presence of Carlos Enciso, ambassador from Uruguay in Argentina.

Varela commented that, although many people are curious about cryptocurrencies, they feel fear and considered that they can overcome it thanks to an ATM.

“Here you can interact with a team and, in addition, people are used to interacting with ATMs and this works in a very similar way, which makes people enjoy this process, which is a technological revolution,” he said .

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InBierto’s goal, he explained, is for its currency to increase “its mass of users, its market capitalization and its price and to be able to establish itself in other countries.”

According to Varela, the current global adoption of crypto is equivalent to that of the internet in the 2000s, and it is estimated that the value of the industry worldwide is over 3 trillion dollars.

Among those attending the event, many took the opportunity to make their first cryptocurrency purchases while many other curious wanted to immortalize the moment with their mobile phones.

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