What did actor Sidney Poitier die of?

The actor Sidney Poitier, who always stood out for his great talent in the cinema and for his quality as a human being, died on January 7, 2022, dressing the world of Hollywood in mourning and who always applauded his great work. The artist will also be remembered for winning two Oscars and for having received the Presidential Medal of the United States from the then president, Barack Obama.

It was in 1963 when the actor Sidney Poitier managed to win a Oscar for Best Leading Actor for the movie “Lilies of the Field“(” The lilies of the field “), during the 36th Academy Awards. This is how he became the first African-American actor to win this important seventh art award.

His talent for acting was demonstrated in each of the films in which he participated, but it is important to mention that his career began in the theater.

Sidney Poitier was awarded an Oscar in 1963.
Sidney Poitier was awarded an Oscar in 1963.


The first week of January 2022 was dyed in mourning after the actor’s death was known Sidney Poitier at the age of 94.

He was the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Bahamas, Fred Mitchell, who confirmed the actor’s death via Eyewitness News Bahamas, according to the sun.

Although up to now the exact causes of his death are not known, there have been several personalities who have shown their sadness for this fact.

The Deputy Prime Minister of the Bahamas, Chester Cooper, expressed his regret at this news.

Sadness because he would no longer be here to tell him how much he means to us, but celebration because he did so much to show the world that those of the humblest beginnings can change the world and that we gave him his flowers while he was with us.Chester Cooper said on his Facebook.

He also adds that he will be greatly missed but his legacy will never be forgotten, since his work in this world has ended.


Sidney Poitier He was an actor born in Florida (United States) with Bahamian roots. Therefore, in 1997 to 2007 it was Bahamian ambassador to Japan.

It was also before the Unesco and in 2009 the then president of the United States, Barack Obama gave him the Presidential Medal of the Freedom, This is the most important civil decoration of the North American country.

After having won the first Oscar in 1963, the actor returned to have this award in his hands in 2002, after obtaining a second honorary Oscar for his career in film.

Sidney Poitier won a second Oscar in 2002.
Sidney Poitier won a second Oscar in 2002.


Fans of Sidney Poitier They were able to see the great performance of the actor in 2008 when he participated in the Don Rickles documentary, known as “Mr. Warmth: The Don Rickles Project”.

In his career as an actor, he has 56 films that have made him an icon of American cinema.

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