Carolina Ramírez: white rice, the obsession of the “Queen of flow”

One of the Colombian actresses of the moment is Carolina Ramirez, who gained international recognition by starring in the hit series “The queen of flow” with Carlos Torres. The 38-year-old star made her debut in 2001, getting to participate in more than 16 productions of this type, as well as in film and theater.

After finishing the recordings of the program broadcast by Snail Television, Ramírez packed suitcases and bought a ticket to Argentina, to live with the businessman and theater producer Mariano Bacaleinik, with whom he married in 2010.

The traditions in the extreme south of the continent are not very similar to those of Colombia, especially when it comes to food; For this reason, Carolina disagreed with one of the gaucho customs, during a question and answer session on her Instagram account.

Carolina Ramírez
Carolina Ramírez’s look as Yeimy Montoya to record “Fijación”, one of the musical successes in “La reina del flow” (Photo: Caracol Televisión)


The interpreter of Yeimy Montoya used her networks to publicize how much she misses eating White rice, well in Argentina It is not common to see this ingredient in all meals:

I want to take advantage of this moment of desparchis, to ask the Argentines or I don’t know whether to ask them, you don’t know what white rice is. Here the white rice is for when they are sick of the belly and they look at you with pity, because you miss white rice ”.

Ramírez also expressed that in his country this preparation is equivalent to a show of affection on each plate and it is very rare that it is not present at all tables:

“When one says that this food lacked affection, it is because it lacked white rice, dear ones, because white rice is everything, you have to put love, onion, garlic … so People of Argentina, I am very sorry if you did not get love in your life”.


To close the topic, the actress from “The daughter of the mariachi” She said that in her husband’s country there is a great variety of rice dishes, although the most delicious and similar to what is usually eaten in Colombia is one of the lowest cost, which can be easily found in supermarkets.

White rice is one of Carolina Ramírez's favorite garnishes (Photo: Flickr)
White rice is one of Carolina Ramírez’s favorite garnishes (Photo: Flickr)


On December 13, Carolina Ramirez decided to share on your personal Instagram account a photograph taken by Soho magazine 14 years ago when she was known as “La hija del mariachi”. At the time, she was 24 years old and one of her dreams was to become a ballet dancer.

In the photo the actress is seen in the foreground of the entire body without clothes submerged in the water of a blue tone. She is in a fetal position, with one leg over the other and one arm stretched out behind her head. “It’s been 14 years since this photo and I still believe that it is one of the best that they have taken of me (…), I found it and I share it with you just because”he wrote in the description.

The image of 14 years ago that they took of the actress, but that at first they erased it (Photo: Soho / Carolina Ramírez / Instagram)
The image of 14 years ago that they took of the actress, but that at first they erased it (Photo: Soho / Carolina Ramírez / Instagram)

Despite the positive reaction of the people, the next day the image was removed from his profile, according to Instagram because it did not comply with the norms of his community. “They took my picture down because my nipple did not protest, did not breastfeed or did not educate”, indicated in their stories.

But instead of accepting what is indicated by the social network, the actress of “The Queen of Flow”He re-uploaded the photograph and indicated the following. “Take the self-exam (breast), because the previous one was lowered for not educating. Sorry! “.

After republishing the image, and being considered educational by Instagram, her followers sent her a large number of comments. “Fotaza Bella”, “Instagram is very sensitive for so much art”, “That is art”, “Beautiful, a work of art”, “You are the most expensive”, “You are perfect … and more now that you live here”, “How daring Instagram can you download a photo, anyway. Goddess Caro ”,“ Hahahahaha you are wonderful ”, among other reactions.


Carolina Ramirez did an impeccable performance with the character of ‘Yeimy Montoya’, but to become a One of the most important women in the history of “La reina del flow”, she was inspired by JLo and Ivy Queen.

“The first thing I did to start building Yeimy Montoya, La reina del flow, was to establish real references and some very clear appeared before me. The first to emerge was Jenifer Lopez, J.Lo, and as soon as I saw her I knew that that was the style I wanted to give the character, although later I investigated wonderful behaviors of Ivy Queen “, he assured Carolina Ramirez. If you want to know more CLICK HERE.


“We have always said that we have to ‘camel’ very hard in Colombia and finally it was given to us, (living in Buenos Aires), obviously, like many, the pandemic gave us that push, to organize and advance those plans of life”Ramírez explained to ‘La Red’.

The interpreter of “La reina del flow” 2She says that the lifestyle she had with her husband led them to improvise on the go and do something new every day. Now that they can enjoy quality time at home, they plan to spend this vacation doing next to nothing.

“One comes at a very dizzying pace and suddenly the next day ‘boom’ everything stopped, nothing else, it’s like a leap into the void, it wasn’t gradual, it was everything and nothing at the same time. It was also delicious to be able to say that I have nothing to do the next day. Having breakfast and doing nothing is a very nice gift, I don’t know if it takes so long but for now, yes.added.


Mariano Bacaleinik He is an entrepreneur, although he has also been a theater producer. He has produced works such as ‘Burundanga’, in which Carolina Ramírez and ‘Toc Toc’ were participating. Another fact about the mysterious heartthrob is that the interpreter takes almost 14 years apart. “The first time I looked into her eyes, I already lost the year”the Argentine enthusiastically said about the actress.

Recently, Carolina Ramírez, recognized for her performances in “La Hija del Mariachi” and “La Pola”, had to react on her social networks to the comments that said that Mariano BacaleinikHe was much older than her, because “he looked like your father” or “your grandfather”. It should be noted that Ramírez met her husband today in the city of Cartagena de Indias.

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In dialogue with the program ‘La Red de Caracol’, The Colombian actress stated that when she was a teenager she had the dream of becoming a ballet dancer, so – as she had seen – she had to be very thin. That’s when her problems started, as she wanted to lose weight right away.

“Classical dance has a very particular aesthetic. I wanted to enter a mold in which I did not enter “he commented. If you want to know more and how he overcame his eating disorder CLICK HERE.


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