“Infidel”: what exactly happened to Derin

Things between Derin Güçlü and Volkan Arslan are not going well at all. And it is that the architect of “Unfaithful” He seems to have become disenchanted with the woman for whom he left his family to start a new life. During the last chapters, the couple has been through tough fights over Asya, his ex-wife, and over Ali, his son.

In fact, Volkan’s family has been the reason for the fights with Derin. The daughter of the former mayor of the city can no longer bear that her husband is continually in contact with his ex-wife and that he uses Ali as an excuse to continue seeing Asya. Jealousy is consuming her, so she always asks where she comes from or why she is late.

But it is not only that, in last week’s episode, broadcast by Antena 3, Derin has disappeared. The police have found his diary hidden under his little daughter’s mattress. There, the woman reveals that Volkan wants to kill her. Is this true? Where is he now? Why did it disappear? This and other questions must be answered in the next episode of “Infidel.”

Volkan Derin arrive at Asya
Volkan Derin arrive at Asya’s house to take Ali in the latest episode of “Unfaithful” on Antena 3 (Photo: Medyapim)


Before his disappearance, Derin had taken on the entire Volkan family. First he got Ali to leave his mother and go live with them. But the coexistence with her husband’s son was not what she expected and the problems appeared and the discussions between the two did not wait. In fact, Volkan comes to Derin’s defense in a fight and slaps his son for her.

After the incident, Asya finds out and returns to find her son, whom she takes home. Then, she takes her ex-husband’s wife over to their house to show him a few truths. Asya shows him videos of Volkan from three years ago, just when Derin believed her husband was unhappy with then wife.

But Derin ignores reason and continues to blame her for everything. It is then that the doctor lets her listen to an audio that Bahar sent her the night before, when she was away from home. It was proof that her husband had returned to the ex-partner’s house and was found in his room crying clutching a family photo.

Derin argues with Ali in "Infidel" (Photo: Medyapim)
Derin argues with Ali in “Infidel” (Photo: Medyapim)

Things become clearer and clearer for Derin, who realizes that Volkan is still in love with his ex-wife. In fact, the architect cannot hide what he still feels for the doctor. When he found out that Asya was leaving town, he almost freaked out. And that will be one more reason for a confrontation in the new marriage.

There are many reasons why Derin’s whereabouts are unknown. The woman has suffered a lot and maybe, tired of everything, has decided to disappear. However, the police find a clue that could be the key to finding her: her diary.


When the police find the diary, they immediately read what is written to follow Derin’s clues. In this newspaper Derin tells everything about his return to the city with Volkan: “I’m sure Volkan wants to kill me, that he still loves that woman.”

“It all started when Ali decided to come live with us”, says the woman.

At another point, Derin confesses to being afraid of Volkan: “He has become a completely different person … everything foreshadowed dark days to come.”

After these revelations, Volkan has become the first suspect in the disappearance of his wife. Furthermore, lThe police found a message from Volkan on Derin’s cell phone. They have also found the architect’s car in the forest, camouflaged with a cloth and, as if that were not enough, they have blond hair found inside the vehicle.

Derin and Volkan, in one of their last fights before disappearing.  What happened to the woman in
Derin and Volkan, in one of their last fights before disappearing. What happened to the woman in “Unfaithful”? (Photo: Medyapim)


Asya (Cansu Dere) is a successful doctor. Her husband Volkan (Caner Cindoruk) is a wonderful husband and a wonderful father to her son Ali (Alp Akar). The nuclear family of three has always lived a life filled with peace and happiness.

Asya trusts her husband a lot. However, she suspects him of being unfaithful when she discovers a lock of blonde hair on Volkan’s scarf. She discovers that her husband has been in a love affair with another younger woman, Derin Güçlü (Melis Sezen), for some years now and that he has also made her pregnant. The doctor tries her best to get rid of this situation, but she cannot help the bad feeling in her heart. She must choose between saving her marriage or taking revenge on her husband.

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