“Stay close”: ending explained of the Netflix series

BEWARE, SPOILER ALERT. Based on the homonymous novel by Harlan Coben, “Stay Close” (“Stay Close” in its original language) is a British series of Netflix which follows Megan Pierce, a suburban mother who is haunted by her murky past just as her wedding date approaches.

After leaving her life behind as Cassie, an exotic dancer, Maggie started a family with Dave, with whom she has three children. But when an old enemy threatens her tranquility, she decides to contact an old friend, Harry Sutton, who puts her in touch with Detective Michael Broome, who is still obsessed with the disappearance of Stewart Green seventeen years ago. In fact, it finds a connection to other recent cases: Cartlon Flynn and Guy Tatum.

Meanwhile, Ray Levine, a talented photographer who abandoned his dreams after losing his fiancee, Cassie, is involved in all three cases, as Stewart was obsessed with his girlfriend, took some pictures of Cartlon and was the last to see to Guy.

Richard Armitage as Ray Levine, a photojournalist searching for his missing girlfriend, in "Stay Close" (Photo: Netflix)
Richard Armitage as Ray Levine, a photojournalist searching for his missing girlfriend, in “Stay Close” (Photo: Netflix)


But they are not the only characters in “Stay close”In being related to the crimes. Megan’s eldest daughter was at the party where Cartlon and Guy disappeared because she followed her mother there. In fact, that night Flynn tried to drug her, so she and her friend escaped in her car.

Dave Shaw, Maggie’s fiancé, is also involved in Cartlon’s disappearance, as he got rid of the car. In addition, a strange couple tracks those involved in the Flynn case thanks to the data of Brian Goldberg, superior of Broome.

As Broome and Erin try to figure out who the informant is, Ken and Barbie set their sights on Megan’s family, who finally opens up to Dave.

In the last episode of “Stay closeAfter Ray confesses that he killed Stewart and that the police will find several bodies, Barbie tries to murder Maggie. Although the ex-dancer is seriously injured, she resists and kills her attacker. Meanwhile, Ken goes after Lorraine, who copes without problems after discovering that the couple was hired by Guy’s father.

Ray is arrested and to speak with the police he requests to see Cassie. During their talk, he confesses that he did not kill Stewart, but that he hid his body because he thought she was responsible. So who murdered so many men? Lorraine confessed that she killed Vipers clients who abused women, so she was arrested.

With all the crimes solved, the protagonists of the series of Netflix they can finally start a new life. Ray is released and Megan marries Dave.

Barbie attacking Maggie
Barbie attacking Maggie’s daughter in “Stay Close” (Photo: Netflix)


However, the police did not find Cartlon’s body. What happened to Flynn? After the wedding, Dave confessed to Maggie that Kayleigh called him the night he was at Vipers to ask for his help. That’s why when he saw that man’s car, he decided to throw it into the water so as not to put his daughter at risk.

The problem is, Kayleigh didn’t tell her father everything, but she did tell Maggie. Cartlon caught up with the young woman, who struck him and knocked him unconscious in the trunk of the car. So when Dave got rid of the vehicle, Flynn was still there.

At the end of "Stay Close", Maggie still has some secrets (Photo: Netflix)
At the end of “Stay Close”, Maggie still has some secrets (Photo: Netflix)
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