The 20 most anticipated films of 2022

What are the 20 most anticipated movies? The 2022 It will mean the year of the premieres of great films that, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, had had a delay in their release to the big screen. The films that arrive in the middle of a health emergency are linked to Marvel, others are great sequels such as “Avatar” and “Mission: Impossible”, which are expected to be also available on Netflix, Amazon, Disney Plus, HBO Max, among other

Although they will also arrive at streaming platforms, many will prefer to see them in theaters. Therefore, in this note we present a list of the films that have generated the most expectations among the public.

Tom Cruise in the trailer for
Tom Cruise in the trailer for “Top Gun: Maverick.” (Photo: Paramount Pictures)


20. “The worst person in the world”

Joachim Trier promises to surprise with his approach to love with his new film “The worst person in the world”, which stars Renate Reinsve in the role of Julie, a young woman who takes a physical and personal journey while leaving aside two parallel romances.

19. “Marry me” (“Marry Me”)

Jennifer Lopez y Owen Wilson star in this comedy about a pop star who, after being betrayed by his partner (Maluma), decides to marry a stranger during one of his biggest concerts. Laughter will not be lacking in this hilarious fiction.

18. “The Batman”

Everything points to what Robert pattinson He will make history with his portrayal of Bruce Wayne in The Batman, ”the new film that will be released on March 4. The villain of the film, in addition, will be the Riddler of Paul Dano.

17. “Fantastic Beasts: Dumbledore’s Secrets”

The third prequel to “Harry Potter”Will appear on April 15 with Mads Mikkelsen in the role of Grindelwald. The film will focus on the moments leading up to World War II.

16. “The weight of talent”

Nicolas cage He will play himself in the more than surreal comedy called “The Weight of Talent,” which opens in theaters on April 22. In this fiction, Nic Cage will transform into a CIA informant to take down a drug lord played by Pedro Pascal.

15. “Top Gun: Maverick”

The character of Pete Mitchell will return 36 years after his debut in the skies. Now, Tom Cruise You will stumble upon a story that will be filled with new and much more talented pilots in the Navy. The film opens on May 27.

14. “Legally blonde 3”

The landmark movie comedy will return with a third installment on May 22. For this, Reese Withespoon She will return to the big screen as a great and powerful lawyer in the #MeToo era.

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13. “John Wick: Capítulo 4″

Director Chad Stahelski will present the fourth installment of his “John Wick” saga with the unmistakable protagonist played by Keanu Reeves. The sequel to one of the most successful stories in cinema will appear on May 27.

12. “Jurassic World: Dominion”

OG Sam Neill, Laura Dern y Jeff Goldblum They will return to the cinema to try to save the world from the dinosaurs created by humans. The third installment of the spin-off of “Jurassic Park” promises everything that made this saga a classic.

11. “Lightyear”

Meanwhile, the story of the dolls of Buzz Lightyear will have more facts to tell in the new “Lightyear,” with Chris Evans playing the most famous astronaut in animated movies.

10. “Thor: Love and Thunder”

On the other hand, Natalie Portman promises to surprise the world by being the protagonist of the film “Thor: Love and Thunder”, by Taika Waititi “. The focus will shift from Chris Hemsworth to the prestigious actress in the film that promises action and romance.

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9. “Nope”

After his acclaimed film “Flee!” and “Us”, Jordan Peele He returns with another horror film that bears the title “Nope.” The only thing that is known about the film, in addition to the poster, is that it will star Daniel Kaluuya, Steven Yeun and Keke Palmer.

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8. “Mission: Impossible 7”

Tom CruiseIn addition, it will have a new installment of “Mission: Impossible”, which has a release date of September 30. Nor has more details of the film been given, but fans have already imagined that the action is assured in this saga that is already a movie classic.

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7. “The Flash”

Another of the great surprises of 2022 will be, without a doubt, “The Flash”, a movie that will appear on November 4. The film will star Barry Allen (Ezra Miller) and Michael Keaton like Batman.

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6. “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever”

The death of Chadwick Boseman it was a severe blow to the film industry. And now, this film will be the sequel as a tribute to the legacy left by the actor. The film will be directed by Ryan Coogle and starring Angela Bassett.

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5. “Avatar 2″

The sequel to the hit movie “Avatar”By James Cameron has a release date of December 16. The film will be the continuation of the story that debuted 13 years ago. There is a lot of intrigue on the part of the fictional synopsis, but few doubt that it is one of the most anticipated releases.

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4. “The Adam project”

Mark Ruffalo y Jennifer Garner they will rejoin as they did with the popular movie “If I Had 30”. This time, they will be part of the cast of a science fiction thriller directed by Shawn Levy, along with Ryan Reynolds and Zoe Saldaña.

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3. “Pale blue eyes”

The actor Christian Bale He will return to the big screen in 2022 with the film “Pale Blue Eyes”, a gothic thriller that will also appear on Netflix and that tells the story of several crimes that, in 1830, would have involved a young cadet named Edgar Allan Poe.

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2. “White noise”

While Noah Baumbach will premiere the film White Ruido, an adaptation of the novel by Don DeLillo, in collaboration with Netflix. For this, the director of “Story of a marriage” will have Adam Driver and Greta Gerwig, who is also a director and her partner, in the leading roles.

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1. “Bullet Train”

Finally, Brad Pitt He will star in the movie “Bullet Train” as a murderer who, on a moving train, meets other “colleagues” who have the same job. However, only one will have to make it out of the mission alive.

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