César Ceja: what did the producer and former of Mon Laferte die of

The new year 2022 begins with bad news for the world of music. And it is that the Mexican musician, César Ceja, died last Monday, January 3 at 40 years of age. It was his ex-partner, who was also an artist My Laferte, who confirmed the news.

Cesar Ceja He was a renowned music producer, singer and composer, who collaborated with artists such as Ana Torroja, Paty Cantú; among others, and was present in the last albums of ‘El Potrillo’. But he will always be remembered for being behind the first hits of My Laferte in Mexico.

The Chilean artist, expressed his condolences and pain he feels from not only losing part of his work team, but also a great friend with whom he lived for years. In addition, other artists also dedicated heartfelt farewells through their social networks. But, What were the causes of the death of César Ceja?

César Ceja passed away at the age of 40 (Photo: César Ceja / Instagram)
César Ceja passed away at the age of 40 (Photo: César Ceja / Instagram)


Regarding the death of music producer César Ceja, only the day it occurred is known. The so-called ‘Chino’ passed away on Monday, January 3. So far the causes of his death are unknown. But it was learned that he ceased to exist in his native Veracruz, Mexico.

However, the artist has been fired by his union, where he was well liked. The first to express her pain was My Laferte, through a message on his Instagram account. The Chilean noted: “Dear Cesar, you were my best friend and partner for more than 6 years, you gave me a family in Mexico, you always took care of me when I was sick, you made me laugh a lot, I wrote you many songs and you wrote me many too”.

The singer expressed that she will continue to sing the tracks she made in conjunction with Cesar CejasHe even stressed that he will do it with more love than ever. “Even if you are no longer here, I will always love you and every May 2 I will remember you with much love, because we also shared birthdays,” Mon wrote. “I love you sweetie, rest in peace”, ended the post that is accompanied by a series of photos of them sharing some moments.

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Some music personalities also commented on the departure of the Mexican musician. Between them, Alejandra Guzman, who gave him a farewell through his Instagram. “Rest in peace. Have a good trip, rocker “wrote The Queen of Hearts.

Actress and singer Sandra Echeverria was another of the celebrities who sent a message to César Ceja on his social networks. “How fragile life is. My dear Cejita, my heart broke to know that you left us. Someone so healthy, with an overwhelming talent, a great person. You are going to need us so much “he wrote on Instagram.

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Paty Cantu He also expressed his condolences. “Friend, I love you very much, I thank you very much, for the songs, the reflections, the company, the genuineness and the complexity of the time with you”, the pop singer shared on her Instagram stories and then added: “I believe in you with it I hope you are somewhere being you, the same, although different, better, I hope so. God bless you”.

Ana Torroja, a former member of Mecano, who also worked with César Ceja, noted on Instagram: “My musical family is orphaned and the stages will no longer be the same without you. I’m going to miss your eternal smile, ‘rock’ with you, look aside and not see you, and those guitar solos that made me dream “.

Poe su parte Benny Ibarra, with whom Ceja worked on the tours of the former Timbiriche, wrote: “Have a good trip to the infinite adored and talented César Ceja. Thank you for bringing my songs to life. For taking care of ours. For always being a faithful friend. For your music. Forever”.

César Ceja worked with Ana Torroja.  The artist dedicated a heartfelt message of farewell to him (Photo: Ana Torroja / Instagram)
César Ceja worked with Ana Torroja. The artist dedicated a heartfelt message of farewell to him (Photo: Ana Torroja / Instagram)


Mon Laferte and César Ceja, in addition to being a couple, also worked together. The producer was part of the making of the album My Laferte Vol. 1 launched in 2015; Furthermore, he was one of the first to welcome the Chilean when she migrated to Mexico, a country where she achieved her popularity. Ceja worked with the artist until her last days.

Ceja also produced his albums Disposable (2011) Y Tornasol (2013). He co-wrote with Mon Laferte the songs “Tormento”, “Orgasmo para dos”, “Vuelve por favor” and “Igual que yo”.

On Mon’s fourth studio album called The braid (2017), César Ceja also has collaboration with two songs, “Cielito de abril” and “Alelí”. In addition, they worked together on the main theme of the Peruvian film “El Buen Pedro”.

Mon Laferte with César Ceja in a photo of the memory (Photo: Mon Laferte / Instagram)
Mon Laferte with César Ceja in a photo of the memory (Photo: Mon Laferte / Instagram)


Joel Medium He is of Mexican nationality and is known for being the guitarist and vocalist of the group ‘Celofán’. Besides being the Mon Laferte couple, is also her production manager, so she is an important part of the artist’s musical career.

Orta has also shown a gift for the plastic arts, as she supported the singer when she made her murals in Valparaíso and Los Angeles, California.

Both artists are said to have started dating in October 2019, as Joel shared a photo on Instagram where they are seen together; However, in the last live broadcast of Mon, she confessed that during 2020 she had a sentimental breakup that affected her a lot.

That same year, on December 31, the Chilean artist shared some photos of what she experienced that month on her Instagram account, and in one of the images her hand is seen intertwined with another. Until that moment, no one had any idea who the singer’s mysterious heartthrob was.

It was not until February 14, 2021, the day of love and friendship, that the artist introduced her boyfriend through a publication on her social networks. “Long live love!” Reads the description of the photo where Mon appears with Joel.

That same day, the Mexican musician published a photograph where he is seen next to the Chilean. In this snapshot they both look very much in love. Since that date the couple does not hesitate to share the beautiful moments they live together.

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The singer showed her appreciation for the words of the Puerto Rican. (Instagram / @monlaferte) null

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