Birce Akalay: who is Erdem Hamza, the boyfriend of the actress of “Love in black and white”

Love has once again knocked on the doors of Birce Akalay, the renowned Turkish actress who has participated in important productions such as “Yer Gök Aşk”, “Küçük Ağa”, “Love in black and white”, among others, where she has been able to demonstrate her great talent, earning the respect and admiration of the public. The heartthrob who has conquered her heart is called Erdem Hamza with whom she has been in a romantic relationship for more than a month.

One of the first romances the actress had Birce Akalay It was in 2011 with the actor Murat Unalmis, who plays iron in the soap opera “Bitter land”. They met in the hit production “Place sky love”And they got married. After a year they decided to separate.

Later, in 2014 the artist met the actor Steep Levendoglu during the recordings of the soap opera “Little Agha”. Love enveloped them and they got married but the happiness did not last long. However, in 2017 birce Akalay started dating the dancer Can Tunali, something that would not have worked either.

One of the last couples to be met Birce Akalay it was Fluent Saylan, at the beginning of 2020, and with whom he was nine months but despite their separation they continue to be good friends.

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This is how the Turkish actress Birce Akalay currently looks.  (Photo: Birce Akalay / Instagram)
This is how the Turkish actress Birce Akalay currently looks. (Photo: Birce Akalay / Instagram)


Erdem Hamza He is a professional in the world of architecture, specifically in interior architecture, and he is the one who has conquered the heart of the well-known actress.

Precisely, Birce Akalay was seen and photographed alongside Erdem Hamza in various places. One of the places where they were – according to divinity – was in Asmalımescit, where they competed for a fun evening.

On the official Instagram account of Erdem Hamza You can see various pictures of interior architecture in parts that make up a great main photograph. This is part of your career and the work you do.

He has also been interviewed by Yaratici magazine regarding his work as an architect.

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It was also reported that the actress Birce Akalay he went with his new partner in the architect’s car. Although the media wanted to ask her some questions, the artist decided not to answer, only pointing out that they do not talk about these issues.

For its part, the portal Diezminutos points out that the actress has been seen in the beautiful landscapes of the Black Sea, in the town of Camlihemsin. In that place she was accompanied by Erdem Hamza.

The couple was also seen on their Bodrum vacation, according to milliyet, on a beach where the actress and the architect enjoyed the sea and the sun. At times Birce Akalay stroked the head of Erdem Hamza who seemed to enjoy the moment.


The actress Birce Akalay has surprised many with his role in the soap opera “Black and white love” (“Black and White Love”, su nombre original), donde interpreta a Original, character with whom he became well known in Spain and whose fame increased enormously.

The Turkish production is currently broadcast by Divinity, and tells the story of Asli, a fighting woman who will see her life take a radical turn when she meets Ferhat, who is a hitman who crosses her path by chance.

From there he will begin a story of love and suspense that has quickly become one of Spain’s favorites.


Birce Akalay Born on June 19, 1984 in Istanbul, Turkey, began dancing at age four and graduated from Pera Fine Arts High School Theater in 2003. She continued her studies at Istanbul University with a specialization in theater analysis, but dropped out of the school to pursue her dream of becoming an actress. He finished his studies at the Haliç University Conservatory.

In 2004, he participated in Miss turkey and was in third place, in addition, he represented his country in Miss Europe. In 2007, she made her television debut with a supporting role in the series “Asi”, while her first film role was in the movie “Son Ders: Aşk ve Üniversite”.

In 2011 Birce Akalay had a relationship with Murat Ünalmış.  (Photo: Avsar Film)
In 2011 Birce Akalay had a relationship with Murat Ünalmış. (Photo: Avsar Film)

Su primer protagónico fue en la serie “Fate”, donde interpretó a Lamia. En 2017, fue elegida para la obra de teatro “Hormuz with Seven Husbands”, dirigida por Müjdat Gezen. Su carrera televisiva continua “Little Agha” (2014-2015), “Married and Angry” (2015-2016), “Life Is Sometimes Sweet” (2016-2017), “Black and White Love” (2017-2018), entre otros proyectos .

Furthermore, it became Professor in the Department of Theater of the University of Haliç and participated in the music program “Benimle Söyle” as the main judge.



  • 2007 Last Lecture: Love and University
  • 2009 Nefes: Thanks to the Homeland
  • 2009 I Love You
  • 2016 Deliormanlı
  • 2021 Digital Stage: The Shrewd Girl


  • 2007 Asi
  • 2007 Framework
  • 2007 for your sake
  • 2009 Regiment Rebellion
  • 2009 Winter’s Tale
  • 2010-2012 Earth Sky Love
  • Don’t Let 2013 End Like This
  • 2013 I Loved Him So Much
  • 2014-2015 Little Network
  • 2015-2016 Married and Furious
  • 2016-2017 Life Is Sometimes Sweet
  • 2017-2018 Black and White Love Asli
  • 2018 Crying Mom
  • 2020 Babil