“Rebelde” will have season 2 on Netflix?

Rebel”, Directed by Santiago Limón, is the continuation of the Mexican youth soap opera of the same name, and tells the story of another generation that arrives at the Elite Way School (EWS) to fulfill their musical dreams, but first they will have to face an enemy familiar: the Lodge, a secret society.

The protagonists of the new series of Netflix They are Luka Colucci (Franco Masini), Jana Cohen (Azul Guaita), Esteban (Sergio Mayer Mori), Andi (Lizeth Selene), Dixón (Jerónimo Cantillo), MJ (Andrea Chaparro), Sebastián Langarica (Alejandro Puente) and Emilia (Gigi Grigio).

Rebel”Also features special performances by Estefania Villarreal, Karla Cossio, Leonardo de Lozanne, Karla Sofia Gascón, Pamela Almanza and Dominika Paleta.

The first season has eight episodes that premiered in Netflix just Wednesday, January 5, 2022, but platform users and fans of the original version are already asking for a second installment.

Trailer for “Rebelde”, Mexican Netflix series
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So far, the streaming giant has not made any announcements about the future of the Mexican series, but from what is seen in the last chapter, it is possible that the new generation of EWS students will return for a new school year full of music. and complications.

In the final episode of “Rebel“, Sin Nombre races against the clock to obtain evidence on the members of the Lodge and although he manages to exhibit them in front of the whole school, there are still secrets that do not come to light, so a second season would be the ideal.

Although the protagonists nor the producers have shared details about a possible second season, the way is prepared to delve further into what will happen with Luka Colucci, Jana Cohen, Esteban, Andi, Dixón and MJ the following school year.

For now, it only remains to wait for the official response from Netflix, which usually takes a few weeks to evaluate the reaction of the audience and although they do not share these figures they can determine if a series is renewed or canceled.

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The members of Rebelde in the last scene of the first season (Photo: Netflix)
The members of Rebelde in the last scene of the first season (Photo: Netflix)


And Netflix renew “Rebel”For a second season, it is most likely that the new episodes will premiere on the streaming platform sometime in 2023.


  1. Bienvenides death. On the first day of school, the chemistry between Jana and Esteban is undeniable. During the night, hazing jeopardizes auditions for the battle of the bands.
  2. Auditions. Jana blames herself for the fire and asks Dixon for help in uncovering the real culprits. The new ones show their talent in the long-awaited auditions.
  3. It will fall. Celina suspects that the Lodge is behind the hazing and sets out to uncover the truth. MJ takes on the task of forming a band … and of getting Esteban’s attention.
  4. Simulacrum. Luka causes trouble in Nameless to fulfill his secret agenda. Esteban opens up to Dixon about his past. Things get hotter between Jana and Esteban.
  5. The first time. Jana organizes a party for everyone to meet Sin Nombre and takes the opportunity to try to expose Sebas. Andi and Emilia share an intimate moment.
  6. Save me. For the semi-final, the bands create music videos of RBD’s most iconic songs. Luka reveals information about his mother to Esteban under a cruel condition.
  7. Until dawn. While investigating Anita, a series of misunderstandings create chaos in Sin Nombre, and the group is separated. Meanwhile, Esteban learns a painful truth.
  8. The grand finale. To reach the end of the battle of the bands, Nameless races against the clock to obtain evidence on the members of the Lodge. But this might not be enough.