“La casa de papel”: Sandra Gómez, Úrsula Corberó’s double who competes on motorcycles for the Dakar 2022

After his brief stint on the hit Netflix series “The Money Heist”, Sandra Gómez surprises her thousands of fans by participating in one of the most important events in the world. This is the 2022 Dakar Rally that takes place in Saudi Arabia, where together with his motorcycle he will try to place himself in one of the first places in the competition.

Sandra Gomez Cantero is an actress born in Spain and that, in addition, one of his hobbies is driving motorcycles. In the competition of Rally Dakar 2022 she is the only female debutant at this event.

But before that, fans of The Money Heist”They were able to meet Sandra Gomez Thanks to its participation in the aforementioned series, which has been considered one of the most viewed on the streaming platform.

The athlete Sandra Gómez at the Dakar 2022 rally (Photo: Sandra Gómez / Instagram)
The athlete Sandra Gómez at the Dakar 2022 rally (Photo: Sandra Gómez / Instagram)

It should be noted that Sandra Gomez replaced Úrsula Corberó, Spanish actress of “The Money Heist”, Who plays Tokio, in one of the scenes where the aforementioned character returns to the Mint and Stamp Factory, where he is seen dressed in a police uniform driving a motorcycle. To the delight of the stuntman herself and her fans, it all turned out very well.

When you get to the shoot, the director or whoever is in charge of that scene tells you a bit about the idea they have, but usually they don’t know much about motorcycles. They tell you their idea and you have to see if it can be done or not. There are times when I think: That which they ask me can only be done by Toni Bou”, Confessed the actress to larazón.


Sandra Gomez She is not a rookie pilot, well, she belongs to the XRaids Clinic Cres team And he has been competing in sporting events for many years with his inseparable companion, his motorcycle.

She started competing at the age of 8. This allowed her to become champion of the Trial of Nations at the age of 15 and then in enduro where she was proclaimed champion of the very difficult AMA Endurocross event in the United States in 2015.

Sandra Gómez has participated in various motorcycle sporting events.  (Photo: Sandra Gómez / Instagram)
Sandra Gómez has participated in various motorcycle sporting events. (Photo: Sandra Gómez / Instagram)


In an interview with Mundo Deportivo, Sandra Gomez, gave some details of his life and how he started in the world of acting, becoming a stuntman.

I play a ‘stunt rider’ because I like it and because I also have to make a living (…) To live I also do other jobs. I also work as a presenter on ‘Garage TV’ and I am coordinator of the Women’s Commission of the Spanish Motorcycle Federation”, He specified.

Gómez indicated that sometimes he does not have time left and, therefore, he could not see the series “The Money Heist”.


Your participation in the Rally Dakar 2022, which began on January 1, has been very productive due to the support and training of Lorenzo Santolino, who is currently the best classified Spaniard in the general classification (6th).

I explained to him how the roadbook worked, I passed on my experience so that he could avoid most of the mistakes that I have made. It is a Dakar where you have to live the experience, know the race you are facing, understand that it is a very dangerous discipline”, Said the professor to Mundo Deportivo.

In addition to these teachings, Sandra Gómez comes from a family that loves motorcycles. He has his brother Alfredo Gómez, who is one of the best hard enduro riders in the world.

Sandra Gómez will try to have a good participation in Dakar 2022 (Photo: Sandra Gómez / Instagram)
Sandra Gómez will try to have a good participation in Dakar 2022 (Photo: Sandra Gómez / Instagram)


In 2021 Úrsula Corberó appeared on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon”, one of the most successful late shows in the United States.

There Jimmy Fallon She asked him if he knew who the most famous fan in Tokyo was that he knew about. Corberó did not hesitate to respond and pointed out that it was nothing more and nothing less than the queen of pop, Madonna. In addition, he detailed how that first meeting with the mythical singer was.


According to Úrsula, the two coincided on a Los Angeles-Madrid flight with a stopover in London. At one point, the two exchanged glances inside the plane. It was Madonna who got up and went to the actress’s seat. When she arrived at her place, the singer began to chat with her while tying the laces of her shoe.

“Hey! Hello! Sorry, I just wanted to tell you that I am a huge fan of yours. I adore ‘La casa de papel’ and Tokio is my favorite character “said the star. Of course, the words left the Spanish on show. “I tried to say something with all my might, but couldn’t. Not even a wordShe laughed at Fallon.

Seeing that Úrsula Corberó’s nerves had invaded, Madonna asked her if she was okay and if she knew who she was. “Of course I know who you are, you’re the fucking Madonna”, was the reaction of the actress.

But the anecdote did not stop there, because the interpreter of “Like A Prayer” gave him his mobile to write down his number. After a while, Corberó received a message from him: “Honey, you forgot your passport in your seat. The stewards have it “.

“So I could go home to Madonna”Said the actress ending her anecdote before a surprised Fallon. It’s a great story. We love you, Madonna “noted the presenter.

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