“Coffee with the aroma of a woman”: who is Laura Londoño, the actress who plays Gaviota

Last Wednesday, December 29, the Colombian production “woman-fragranced coffee”, A new version of the homonymous soap opera from 1994, created by Fernando Gaitan. Although its official premiere was on May 10 through the RCN channel in Colombia, many viewers eagerly waited for it to be published on the streaming platform to be able to see it from other areas of Latin America.

“Woman-fragranced coffee” It has as protagonists the Cuban star William Levy already the talented Laura Londoño, who are conquering the audience with their first season that is composed of 88 episodes.

Yes OK London He has had an extensive acting career in his native Colombia, his name is beginning to gain popularity abroad. Find out more about the actress behind the scenes below. Teresa Suarez, alias “Seagull”.

William Levy and Laura Londoño are the stars of the new version of "Coffee, with the aroma of a woman" (Photo: RCN)
William Levy and Laura Londoño are the stars of the new version of “Coffee, with the aroma of a woman” (Photo: RCN)


Laura Londoño is a 33-year-old artist born in Medellin Colombia. At age 10 he ventured into the world of modeling, hand in hand with the designer Angel Yáñez. Six years later he joined the agency Roxanne in France, getting to do catwalk and photos for magazine catalogs.

After his return to Colombia, he studied Architecture at the Universidad de los Andes and then moved to New York, where he took acting courses with Tatiana Vargas. Since she was little she was interested in theater, in addition to studying canto, ballet, piano, among other artistic workshops.

The actress plays Teresa Suárez 'Gaviota' in "woman-fragranced coffee", a remake of the 1994 original (Photo: Laura Londoño / Instagram)
The actress plays Teresa Suárez ‘Gaviota’ in “Café con aroma de mujer”, a remake of the 1994 original (Photo: Laura Londoño / Instagram)


In 2006, the actress made her debut on the screens with the soap opera “The professionals, at your service”. The following year he gave life to the character of Elisa in the Mexican production “Victoria” and from that moment he did not stop until making more than 10 productions, not counting his foray into the cinema. Some of his most outstanding works are in “Without breasts there is no paradise”, “El Capo 2” and “The law of the Heart”.


  • “Woman-fragranced coffee”
  • “Gross, nothing”
  • “travel paradise”
  • “Narcos”
  • “Search block”
  • “The law of the heart”
  • “Cumbia ninja”
  • “Elite command”
  • “Rafael Orozco, the idol”
  • “El Capo”
  • “The witch”
  • “The Cartel”
  • “Without breasts, there is no paradise”
  • “Victoria”
  • “The professionals, at your service”


In December 2018, after five years of dating, Laura married Santiago Mora Bahamón, a renowned filmmaker whom he met during a film festival in Cartagena Colombia.

“They introduced us and not happy with that, our mutual friend introduced us again the following year, she said: ‘Do you remember each other?'”, expressed the model in an interview for the RCN Channel.

Mora aroused the desire for marriage in London, who had never dared to make plans until she met him. They are currently the parents of a little girl named Laura and a baby who is on the way.

“You are the man I admire the most and a thousand times more I would marry you. Let’s continue laughing together for all eternity ”, were the words that the actress dedicated in August 2020 to her husband.

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