“Cobra Kai”: Why Johnny Didn’t Know Terry Silver

When Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio) learned of Terry Silver’s (Thomas Ian Griffith) return to Cobra Kai in the fourth season of the series Netflix, he tried to warn Robby about his new sensei’s mind games. For his part, Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka) had no idea who this man was.

In fact, Miyagi-Do’s sensei had to tell him everything that happened at the 1985 All Valley Karate tournament, where despite Silver’s intrigues and torture, he managed to defeat Mike Barnes (Sean Kanan), representative of Cobra Kai and Terry’s ally.

Although he had no idea who Silver is, just knowing that he is a friend of John Kreese made it clear to Johnny that he is capable of anything to win. But why didn’t Lawrence know Terry Silver?

John Kreese introducing Terry Silver as the new Cobra Kai sensei (Photo: Netflix)
John Kreese introducing Terry Silver as the new Cobra Kai sensei (Photo: Netflix)


After graduating from school, losing the karate championship, and getting on bad terms with Kreese, Johnny left Cobra Kai and had no further contact with his former sensei, therefore he did not meet Silver, who appeared for the first time. in “Karate Kid III”.

Also, John and Terry’s first on-screen meeting gives the impression that they haven’t seen each other for a long time, probably since they decided to found their dojo and Silver left the project to take over his family’s businesses.

Johnny did not reestablish his connection with Cobra Kai until he decided to reopen the dojo in a shopping mall in the first season of the series Netflix, and was not aware of what happened in the 1985 tournament.

For this reason, in the first installment of “Cobra KaiWhen the tournament committee mentioned Terry’s actions in 1985 after Johnny tried to lift the ban on his dojo, Lawrence simply said that he had never heard of that person.

Terry Silver and John Kresse introduce themselves to their rivals, Lawrence and Daniel (Photo: Cobra Kai / Netflix)
Terry Silver and John Kresse introduce themselves to their rivals, Lawrence and Daniel (Photo: Cobra Kai / Netflix)


Despite the efforts of the Eagle Fang Karate students, the majority are out of the competition and only Miguel advances to the semifinals, where he faces Hawk. A pain in the back leaves Miguel out of the tournament and Eli Moskowitz advances to the final, where he faces Robby.

After a draw, their combat is defined in sudden death, and although they both know both styles of karate, Hawk becomes the winner thanks to Daniel allowing him to use what he learned with Johnny. Also, Robby is a bit distracting by not wanting to be a bad example for Kenny.


Cobra Kai became the grand champion, which means that it will spread throughout the city, while Miyagi-Do and Eagle Fang Karate must close forever. However, they cheated to win, Terry paid one of the judges to favor his dojo. Tory discovered the truth, but will she give up her long-awaited trophy and accuse him?

But that wasn’t Silver’s only play. To get rid of Kreese, he persuaded Manta Ray to report him for his attack. With John out of the way, what will happen to Cobra Kai? What will happen to Johnny, Daniel and their students?

After being out of the competition, Miguel went to Mexico to look for his father, although Johnny promised to bring him back, it will not be something easy, especially because the young man made that decision after Lawrence called him Robby when he was drunk. . Who is Miguel’s father? How will you react when you meet your child? Will he try to get Carmen back?

Terry Silver betrayed John Kreese at the end of season 4 of "Cobra Kai" (Photo: Netflix)
Terry Silver betrayed John Kreese at the end of season 4 of “Cobra Kai” (Photo: Netflix)

On the other hand, Daniel does not plan to clear the way for Cobra KaiSo he also gets reinforcements, this is Chozen Toguchi (Yuji Okumoto), does that mean he will teach his students Miyagi’s secret technique? Also, what will happen to Anthony and Kenny in season five? What will Robby do after reconciling with his father?


The fifth season of “Cobra Kai“Does not yet have a release date in Netflix, but most likely new episodes will premiere at late 2022, although it could be early. With calendar in hand of the releases of “Cobra Kai” throughout its four seasons, we calculated the release date of installment five.

Although season 1 premiered on May 2, 2018, while season 2 arrived on April 24, 2019, everything suggested that it would follow that range, but after moving from YouTube to Netflix and the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic there were some significant delays. Thus, the third installment was released on January 1, 2021 and the fourth on December 31, 2021.

Taking those dates as a reference, everything would make suppose that “Cobra Kai 5″ Would premiere in December 2022, but after what was said by the co-creator of the series, Jon Hurwitz, who tweeted that they had already finished filming the fifth season in December 2021, it seems that this will arrive earlier; possibly mid 2022.

Although those are the calculations that we have, it has been shown that the release dates are not predictable, since there is the possibility that Netflix will keep the premiere of the fifth installment in December 2022, but nothing prevents us from dreaming that its launch arrives the next six months.

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