The radical transformation of Taner Ölmez for his new series, “Alef”

From his leading role in “Learned miracle”, Taner Ölmez has won the hearts of viewers, not only in Turkey but in all the countries where he has arrived. Especially in Latin America. Now, after the success of “Miracle Doctor“(In his original language, the actor will be part of” Alef “, a mystical story that rescues the past and secrets of his country.

That’s how it is, Taner Ölmez He turned the page of Ali Vefa and the Berhayat Hospital and finished “Doctor miracle”, he began with this new project in his native land. “Alef” transits its second season and is broadcast on the BluTV channel in Turkey. The actor joins the ranks of the production to be the protagonist alongside Aybuke Pusaty. And, as if that were not enough, Ölmez will have a completely different appearance than everyone knows.


The 35-year-old actor He renewed his image to play his new character about whom there is great expectation. This was confirmed by their fans when the production announced, last November, that the filming of the second season of the mystical detective series is being shot in Cappadocia at full speed.

Behind the scenes of "Alef", the new series by Taner Ölmez (Photo: @ tnrolmez_fparg / Instagram)
Behind the scenes of “Alef”, the new series by Taner Ölmez (Photo: @ tnrolmez_fparg / Instagram)

Taner Ölmez attracted attention with his new image in “Alef”. Cambio was positively received by his fans. was in charge of sharing a photograph of the actor in his role in Ottoman fiction, as well as that of some other interpreters who are part of the story.

In the image, shared on Twitter, it appears Ölmez in his police uniform. Pistol in hand, he seems to be after an important clue. The Turkish actor has grown a beard and mustache for this new stage in his career.

The character of Taner Ölmez will follow in the footsteps of a murder committed in the hospital in the 13th century. It is worth mentioning that Aybüke Pusat, Hande Soral, Serdar Orçin, Mehmetcan Mincinozlu and Emel Çölgeçen also participate in “Alif”. In addition to Çigdem Selisik Onat, Cankat Adyos, Ahsen Türkyilmaz, Caner Erdem and Begüm Bagca Tiryaki; among others.

Taner Ölmez interpreta a un policía en "Alef" (Photo: BluTV/Twitter)
Taner Ölmez interpreta a un policía en “Alef” (Photo: BluTV/Twitter)


Originally, the story tells us the investigation of some murders, of which secrets of Ottoman and Islamic history of hundreds of years ago come to light. Kemal is an ambitious young detective, who teams up with the experienced Settar.

The fiction begins with the discovery by detectives of a murdered body in the Bosphorus. But, after finding out that the fact has to do with two homicides, they try to solve the mystery. At the same time, a series of events unfolds that bring to the scene Yasan, a student and a teaching assistant at a university, who confronts the detectives and ends up unveiling a secret in the history of the empire.

“Alef” rescue Turkey’s past and its secrets; However, for its new season, it has been announced that the story will be completely different. And that’s where Taner Ölmez and his co-star Aybuke Pusat come in to carve.

Taner Ölmez en "Alef" (Photo: @tnrolmez_fparg/Instagram)
Taner Ölmez en “Alef” (Photo: @tnrolmez_fparg/Instagram)

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