Carrie Underwood in “Cobra Kai”: the story of the singer’s cameo in season 4

On December 31, the fourth season of “Cobra Kai“, The Netflix series based on the franchise of”The Karate Kid”. With 10 episodes full of intensity and emotion, the program continued the story of the characters created by Robert Mark Kamen, who have conquered the hearts of the audience.

To the cast of actors made up of William Zabka, Ralph Macchio, Courtney Henggeler, Xolo Maridueña, Tanner Buchanan, Mary MouserAmong others, he was joined by a country music star that has caused a furor among fans.

The artist in question is Carrie Underwood, who made a cameo in episode nine. Find out more about her appearance on the streaming giant’s show below.

Carrie Underwood is the favorite female country music artist (Photo: EFE)
Carrie Underwood is the favorite female country music artist (Photo: EFE)


Like “Karate Kid”, film that had in its soundtrack to “Survivor” to interpret the theme “The moment of truth” in the end credits, the production of “Cobra Kai” contacted Carrie Underwood to sing the same song during the Torneo de Karate All Valley Under 18.

This is how in the penultimate episode, the 38-year-old singer appears in the competition, as part of the surprise that Ron’s character had prepared for the 51st issue of All Valley.

Hayden Schlossberg, one of the creators of the series, revealed that the production had great expectations about this presentation, as it was expected that it could surpass past editions:

“We knew we wanted this year’s All Valley to be, like, the biggest All Valley of all time, and we joked about the idea that there would be that kind of Super Bowl halftime player. We didn’t know if it was going to turn out well, but she (Underwood) really loved the show and it was a match made in heaven. “

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On the opening day of season four of “Cobra Kai”, the country music performer shared a special message on her social networks. The American confessed to being a great admirer of the show, so being part of this installment generated emotion:

“I grew up watching Daniel and Johnny, and I can’t believe it really becomes a small part of the legacy that is” The Karate Kid. ” Once I discovered “Cobra Kai” a few years ago, it became one of my favorite shows! I had so much fun being on set and singing such a classic song. I can’t wait to see every new episode! “


In the penultimate episode of the fourth season of “Cobra Kai”, The annual tournament begins and several dojos battle it out to be the champions and settle personal scores. This edition of the competition has new rules: it not only separates men and women, it also includes a skills test, and each category accumulates points that will determine the great champion.

Despite the efforts of the Eagle Fang Karate students, the majority are out of the competition and only Miguel advances to the semifinals, where he faces Hawk. A pain in the back leaves Miguel out of the tournament and Eli Moskowitz advances to the final, where he faces Robby.

After a draw, their combat is defined in sudden death, and although they both know both styles of karate, Hawk becomes the winner thanks to Daniel allowing him to use what he learned with Johnny. Also, Robby is a bit distracting by not wanting to be a bad example for Kenny.

After Hawk’s victory, LaRusso accepts that he needs Lawrence’s help to win and a true alliance is finally forged between the former rivals, so the two guide Sam in his fight against Tory, but it is not enough to get the championship.

Due to skill points, Cobra Kai it becomes the winning dojo, but as Tory confirmed, they cheated, as Terry paid one of the judges to favor his dojo. But that wasn’t Silver’s only play. To get rid of Kreese, he persuaded Manta Ray to report him for his attack.

For his part, Daniel does not plan to clear the way for Cobra KaiSo he also gets reinforcements, this is Chozen Toguchi (Yuji Okumoto), does that mean he will teach his students Miyagi’s secret technique?

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