“Rebelde”: the connection between the new Netflix characters and the 2004 RBD characters

This January 5, one of the most anticipated series of the year was released, “Rebel“, via Netflix. The production directed by Santiago Limón is a continuation of the successful youth soap opera of the same name, which aired its first episode on October 4, 2004 and lasted until 2006.

The new cast of actors, made up of Azul Guaita, Franco Masini, Sergio Mayer, Andrea Chaparro, Jerónimo Cantillo, Lizeth Selene, Giovanna Grigio, Alejandro Puente and Estefanía Villareal, will be in charge of giving life to the most rebellious students on television, representing a more diverse and inclusive generation.

Those who have not yet seen the eight episodes that are available on the streaming platform probably do not know that the characters are related to the stars of the original novel. Next, find out what their relationship is.

The filming of "Rebelde" began in March 2021 (Photo: Netflix)
The filming of “Rebelde” began in March 2021 (Photo: Netflix)



The character played by the Argentine actor and singer Franco Masini He is in charge of giving life to the extravagant Mía Colucci’s nephew. Luka is characterized by being funny and funny, as well as self-centered and haughty. He is definitely a worthy member of the Colucci clan.

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Do you remember Pilar Gandía? Well, Jana is his daughter. Guaita Blue plays a young woman who decides to leave her past behind to enter the Elite Way School and fulfill her dreams. He has a great talent for singing and can play the guitar and piano. Her leadership will make her one of the main vocalists in the band.

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One of the characters with an unfamiliar surname is Sebastián Langarica. The student is the son of the head of government, which will give him benefits within the school. The actor who plays the teenager is Alexander Bridge.

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Sergio Mayer He is in charge of giving life to Esteban Torres, a young man who leaves his place in an acclaimed conservatory to attend the Elite Way School, where he will be a heartthrob. This character will hide a great secret, coming to face complicated situations while making a space between the students.

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Seville, played by Andrea ChaparroHe comes from a conservative family but that will not prevent him from having a rebellious side, when it comes to music. Despite studying classical music, MJ prefers to dedicate himself to the urban genre. He is responsible at school and is characterized by being cheerful.

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A sensitive and genuine man who dreams of becoming a renowned rapper. He does not pay attention to the opinion of those he does not consider valuable and appreciates that they are honest with him. This student is embodied by Jerónimo Castillo.

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The Brazilian student, played by Giovanna Gray, enters the study center thanks to a scholarship granted to him for his artistic talent. Her audacity will make her make some mistakes that will hurt those around her, not to mention that she will have a stormy courtship with Langarica.

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The rude teenage girl is brought to life by Andi Lizeth. This character does not usually show his feelings, for fear of being hurt. The relationship he has with his parents is bad, neither supports his musical career despite the fact that he has talent with the drums.

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So far, the streaming giant has not made any announcements about the future of the Mexican series, but from what is seen in the last chapter, it is possible that the new generation of EWS students will return for a new school year full of music. and complications.

In the final episode of “Rebel“, Sin Nombre races against the clock to obtain evidence on the members of the Lodge and although he manages to exhibit them in front of the whole school, there are still secrets that do not come to light, so a second season would be the ideal.

Although the protagonists nor the producers have shared details about a possible second season, the way is prepared to delve further into what will happen with Luka Colucci, Jana Cohen, Esteban, Andi, Dixón and MJ the following school year.

For now, it only remains to wait for the official response from Netflix, which usually takes a few weeks to evaluate the reaction of the audience and although they do not share these figures they can determine if a series is renewed or canceled.


And Netflix renew “Rebel”For a second season, it is most likely that the new episodes will premiere on the streaming platform sometime in 2023.


Celina Ferrer (Estefanía Villarreal) suspects that the Lodge is behind the hazing and sets out to discover the truth. Meanwhile, Sebastián and Emilia unite to ensure their victory, and the protagonists of “Rebel”Form a band in hopes of winning the competition in his first year at EWS.

Although they are a band they hide several secrets. Esteban only entered that school to find his mother, who was Luka’s music teacher, and the latter joined the band at the request of the Lodge that promised to be part of the winning band.

After Esteban is attacked by the Lodge and ‘Sin Nombre’ must play without an audience, Jana organizes a party so that everyone knows the band and takes the opportunity to try to expose Sebas. But, Anita, who in addition to being the secretary of the EWS is part of the Lodge, warns him of the danger.

The members of 'Sin nombre' revealing that Sebas is the leader of the Lodge (Photo: Rebelde / Netflix)
The members of ‘Sin nombre’ revealing that Sebas is the leader of the Lodge (Photo: Rebelde / Netflix)

For the semifinal, the bands present music videos of RBD’s most iconic songs, but Sin Nombre is disqualified because Esteban, under pressure from Luka who promises to share information about his mother, uploads an inappropriate clip.

When Esteban returns, he confronts Luka and reveals that he is also the son of Marcelo Colucci. Although the band talks to Celina, it does not allow her to return to the contest. However, Luka rectifies, sets a trap to Sebastián and obtains proof of his participation in the Lodge.

Although those involved receive their punishment, Sebas is saved for being the son of the head of government. In addition, Marcelo gets Luka expelled. To participate in the final of the Batalla de Banda Sin Nombre you must keep quiet, something they are not willing to do, so they plan something to sabotage the show.

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