“The wasteland”: explained ending of the Netflix movie

BEWARE, SPOILER ALERT. “El páramo”, previously titled “The Beast”, is a Spanish horror film by Netflix starring Inma Cuesta that tells the story of a 19th century family that lives in asylum due to the war. While Salvador tries to make his son learn to hunt and become a man, Lucía prefers to preserve his innocence.

However, the appearance of a dying man in a small boat disrupts the family’s routine. Although Salvador heals his wounds, the subject takes his life with a shotgun before the horrified gaze of little Diego.

Although his wife and son are against it, Salvador insists on finding the family of the mysterious man to give him his body. When the months pass and the father does not return, Lucia begins to lose her mind.

Lucia and Diego seeing the body of a mysterious man (Photo: El páramo / Netflix)
Lucia and Diego seeing the body of a mysterious man (Photo: El páramo / Netflix)


After a strong storm, Lucía assures that a dark, tall and thin figure stalks her and is getting closer and closer. From the description, it appears that this is the Beast from Salvador’s story. Diego’s father said that this creature followed his sister until she jumped out of a window.

At first, Lucia tries to confront the Beast, but the fear she feels attracts the creature. When she arrives at the door of her house, the woman has no choice but to lock herself in with her son, but with each passing day the situation becomes untenable and she tries to take her own life. Although Diego manages to save his mother, one night she takes him out of the house and hurts himself.

Desperate, Diego knocks down the door with an ax and confronts the Beast. The child’s courage drives the child back, which the little one takes advantage of to take the shotgun, shoot, set the house on fire and get his mother out.

Despite Diego’s efforts, Lucía dies and her son has no choice but to leave his mother’s body in the water and continue on his way through “The moor”.

Lucia took her own life at the end of "El páramo", despite her son
Lucia took her own life at the end of “El páramo”, despite her son’s attempts to save her (Photo: Netflix)


At the end of “The moorDiego sees in the distance the reflection of the Beast, but after he bravely confronted it for defending his mother, it is unlikely that the creature will try to go after the little one. But what will happen to him when he leaves “safe territory”?

On the other hand, does the Beast really exist or is it only in the head of Lucia and her son? Perhaps the creature was a projection of Salvador’s sister’s psyche due to the mistreatment of her parents. In Lucia’s case, they can be hallucinations caused by depression and despair of losing her husband.

Meanwhile, Diego is a child who could have been influenced by his mother, especially because his only friends are rabbits, whom he must kill to survive. Furthermore, when the child sees the creature, the viewer only sees a tree, a scarecrow, and other similar-looking objects.

At the end of "El páramo", Diego sees the Beast in the distance (Photo: Netflix)
At the end of “El páramo”, Diego sees the Beast in the distance (Photo: Netflix)
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