Mariana González and Vicente Fernández Jr: how they met and where their love story began

The couple made up of the model and influencer, Mariana González, and Vicente Fernández Jr., is one of the most famous of the artistic environment in Mexico. Despite their age difference, for them, this seems to be unimportant and they have always been able to cope with criticism. But what many wonder is how did they meet and where was the love between them born?

Precisely, through social networks Mariana gonzalez revealed more details about his romantic relationship with Vicente Fernández Jr., son of the late singer Vicente Fernandez, considered by many as the highest representative of Mexican music.

She dared to answer the different questions that users on Instagram asked her in one of the transmissions she made. The answers with details never known before surprised more than one.

Currently, the couple has been together for more than a year and, according to some rumors, they are already thinking about reaching the altar during the next months of 2022.

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The model Mariana gonzalez Born in Morelos, Mexico, she spoke about her love life as part of the questions asked by Instagram netizens and precisely, as she revealed, it was on that same social network where she met who her partner is today, Vicente Fernández Jr.

He noted that the union of both was born after Vicente Fernández Jr. Send private messages to your Instagram account.

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I met my hottie around here (Instagram). He wrote to me and told me that he was my fan and we have family members in common who had already told him about me, but he was busy, I was busy, we vacated and we occupied ourselves.”He expressed to the surprise of the users.

But it was on April 9, 2020 when Vicente Fernández Jr. He decided to make his relationship with the model public Mariana gonzalez. To do this, he shared a photograph on his Instagram with who to date is his partner.

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Since then the couple has constantly published several of their photographs on their respective profiles of the aforementioned social network. Soon after, according to the portal lasestrellas, the artist made statements about his new girlfriend.

She is a businesswoman, she is dedicated to the commercialization of clothing, she is a good woman, very independent, she just wants to be happy and so do I. She is 19 years younger than me“, he pointed.

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The model would also reveal some information about how the son of the late Mexican singer managed to win her heart.

He has had details that I cannot tell on television. He is an excellent man, he is the one who opens the door for me, very chivalrous, since I wake up a message of ‘I love you’, you are my reason for existing, he dedicates songs to me”, Assured the woman.

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The love between the two is very strong that on some occasion they spoke of formalizing and reaching the altar, precisely, in 2022. As reported by the Infobae portal, Mariana gonzalez He also gave some details about how his wedding plans are going.

Another fact that surprised cybernatuas was when she stated that she would like to be a mother again.

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I love big families like mine, so I would love to have more babies. So, if God doesn’t give, of course he does“, Held.