2 years after the fire at Notre-Dame de Paris

On April 15, 2019, the whole world believed that Notre-Dame de Paris, this French Gothic gem, was going to disappear in a fire. In Regional Surveys, Baptiste Morel offers an exceptional program dedicated to the 2 years of the Notre-Dame de Paris fire with 3 surveys and 3 guests.
Two years ago, Notre-Dame de Paris almost disappeared. The frame devoured by the flames, is reduced to ashes. Since the colossal work of its restoration has started … And everything must be finished, in three years, April 16, 2024 …
Report by Antoine Marguet and Yoann Dorion

In Seine-et-Marne, in Champs-sur Marne, a parallel, scientific project has been set up. About twenty engineers gathered there to study the elements damaged by the fire at Notre-Dame.
Guest, Thierry Zimmer – Deputy Director of the Historical Monuments Research Laboratory

The company Le Bras, responsible for the restoration of the spire, was singled out after the fire. Its director returns for us on this troubled period.
Reportage de Lodoïs Gravel

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If the monument should find its spire of Viollet-le-Duc, its surroundings will be revisited. The neighborhood merchants hope that this will bring visitors back to the Île de la Cité quickly …
Report by Céline Cabral and Nicolas Metauer – Guest, Ariel Weil, Mayor of the 4th arrondissement

We know Jean-Jacques Annaud’s appetite for extraordinary stories… The fire in the cathedral brings together all the ingredients to make an excellent film… Its objective? Tell the story of the fire that ravaged the building in real time.
Guest, Jean-Jacques Annaud, director

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