These will be the worst cybersecurity threats in 2022

Over the past two years, cybersecurity experts have spotted the costliest cyberattacks in history. With the arrival of the pandemic, millions of people turned all their activities and operations to virtuality and that generated a fertile field for criminals.

For this reason, when it comes to cybersecurity, the last 24 months have been record in the amount of credit card data and personal information that were stolen. And not only to individuals but also to companies and large companies that were later subjected to extortion of large sums of money.

From BTR Consulting, an Argentine company dedicated to cybersecurity and the communication of these issues, they carried out investigations in their facilities to predict which will be the most prevalent threats during 2022. The studies were carried out in the eXtreme Cybersecurity Lab that the company has and the results revealed striking figures.

“The first thing to say is that criminals will improve techniques existing to take them to another level of sophistication and effectiveness in the attacks “, they indicated from BTR Consulting. And they added in this regard: “The gangs that operate at a transnational level will continue to expand to carry out cartelized and franchised criminal operations.”

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On the other hand, from the company they point out that cybercriminals will focus on bailouts as the main means to earn money quickly and effectively. “They will also focus on the adoption of new technologies and the intensive use of Artificial Intelligence to perfect their social engineering techniques, “they explain.

Perhaps one of the greatest dangers for 2022 in relation to cybercrime will be related to the incentive of panic in society. “The new criminal modalities for the immediate future will not only affect the way in which business leaders and governments need to think about risk, but it will also be used by cybercriminals to increase the feeling of fear and urgency during an incident “, they say in BTR Consulting.

Cybersecurity experts do not hesitate to affirm that virtual attacks will increase even more during 2022. In this line, they point out that there are sectors that could be more affected than others such as energy, telecommunications, oil and entities related to health. “They are the ones that, in addition to the exfiltration of data, could have a devastating impact on people’s lives“, they explain.

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While ransomware infection rates are declining, more and more companies are paying the ransom. More than half of organizations affected by ransomware pay to unlock their data, further fueling criminal activity.

Finally, from BTR Consulting They give the figures that they obtained during the investigations that they carried out in their laboratory.

– Phishing attacks reach their highest level in 3 years.

– 70% of online fraud was carried out through mobile platforms.

– On average, 82 malicious applications are identified each day, downloaded from official and unofficial stores. The main categories of fraudulent applications are Games 21% and Entertainment and Lifestyle 17%