Jennifer Lopez says she lives in constant pressure for fame

And that’s precisely what it’s about Marry Me. About a superstar who is about to get married, discovers her partner’s infidelity and decides to ‘try something different’ because used to being a celebrity, she had never had the opportunity to do ‘normal’ things such as a prom.

Without a doubt, the story resembles the life of J Lo a bit and that is why he agreed to do it. “We wanted to show that. Not only a celebrity but also a human being ”, assured the businesswoman.

Jennifer-Lopez-and-Ben-Affleck, -Venice-2021.jpg
JLo lives under the constant magnifying glass of the paparazzi and at the time, the relationship with Ben Affleck was affected by the same.

The girlfriend of Ben Affleck She has the recognition of the people who are close to her and knows their way of working. “We have always seen his brilliant life that seems perfect,” acknowledged the director of the film, Kat Coiro. And he highlighted the reason for his admiration for Lopez. “He is always doing something. She works hard both physically and mentally and that can be exhausting but she has a great talent that does not allow her to give up, “explained the filmmaker.

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