They warn of a dangerous ‘malware’ that easily steals the passwords saved on the computer

South Korean cybersecurity company AhnLab ASEC alerted this Tuesday about a malicious program called RedLine Stealer, that steals the passwords stored in the browser and affects both individuals and companies. East can be purchased for about $ 200 on ‘malware’ forums and it doesn’t take a lot of experience to implement it.

Specialists point out that web browsers based on Chromium (like Chrome, Opera or Edge) and Gecko (Mozilla Firefox and others) are an easy target for RedLine, as their password management feature is enabled by default. Thus, once the ‘malware’ is installed on a computer, it points to the ‘Login data’ file found in all browsers of this type and is a SQLite database where user names are stored and passwords.

However, AhnLab ASEC warns that the malicious program can not only seize access data at login, but also obtain information about credit cards and cryptocurrency wallets or download and modify personal files.

According to the report, RedLine was first detected on a Russian ‘dark web’ in March 2020, when a user under the name REDGlade leaked its features and reported that it was selling this ‘hacking’ tool for a price between $ 150 and $ 200.

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It is impossible to know how many times this ‘malware’ has been used since then and it is difficult to link its developer to the attackers. It is known that fraudulent emails, Google ads, Excel files were used for its distribution and it was even disguised as a ‘software’ for photo editing.