Liam Neeson Stops Action Films: He had already said the same thing in 2017

We can not blame Liam Neeson for not having continuity in the ideas. In September 2017, he announced his intention “to stop kicking butt” by explaining having reached retirement age for action films: “I keep getting offered a lot of money to do this stuff, but now I’m like, ‘Fuck, guys, I’m 65! The audience is going to run away eventually. Come on…'”

A little more than three years later, the speech has not changed. As he explained when promoting The Marksman, in which he plays a… ex-Marine who will avenge the death of his son by slaughtering a drug cartel. His latest action movie? “Oh yes, he told ET Online. I think so. I am 68 and a half years old. 69 this year. I’m going to do a few more this year – luckily the Covid allows it – and there are a few projects in the pipeline, but then I think it’s probably over. Unless I have a walker… “ With him, nothing is impossible.

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