The controversial Venezuelan who promises to be Boric’s “nightmare” and the request to the Chilean Government to take measures for incitement to hatred

The videos of a Venezuelan in Chile who promises to become a “nightmare” for the newly elected president Gabriel Boric, and organize opposition demonstrations with thousands of Venezuelans if he invites Nicolás Maduro to his inauguration, have generated bitter reactions in that country and a petition to the Government for measures against him for inciting violence.

Luis Andrés Luces, a 42-year-old Venezuelan resident who arrived in Chile in 2012, has abundant audiovisual material in all his social networks where he makes clear his far-right tendency and his rejection of the left and communism. During the recent presidential campaign, he openly expressed his support for the losing candidate, José Antonio Kast.

Recently, the computer engineer and publicist posted a clip with insults and threats against the new Chilean president, of the leftist coalition Convergence Social, which the deputy Carmen Hertz, of the Communist Party, did not ignore and asked the Interior Ministry to take action. Luces, from a place that he does not identify, responded to the parliamentarian and said that he only seeks to silence him for being an opponent.

What is the video about?

Luces, which has opted for the TikTok platform to spread its material, in one of the most recent publications blurts out to Boric: “I’m going to tell you something and this is not a threat, it is a warning. If it occurs to you to bring Nicolás Maduro for the change of command, I can promise you that I will mobilize more than 600,000 Venezuelans that are with legal permanence for the immediate capture of this genocide. ”

Later he ratifies his “warning” and adds: “Don’t even think about it, because You are not going to like at all the big shit that is going to be“Subsequently, he recalls that the offer of a $ 15 million reward made by the US Government during the term of former President Donald Trump weighs on Maduro for information leading to his capture.”

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The Venezuelan citizen calls the newly elected president a “lighter”, which is how thieves in Chile are colloquially called, and he launches another “warning”: “If it occurs to you to disrespect my compatriots (…) I can swear that I’m going to be a nightmare in the mobilizations. “

The Venezuelan far-right also claims that Boric won in a “fraudulent” manner, as published in other disseminated content where there is no evidence of open processes to challenge the results. In addition, he says that the leftist agrees with Maduro because “it’s so easy not to blame the gunmen when the hand is left“.

“Violence and hatred”

Through her Twitter account, the deputy for District No. 8 in Santiago reported that she sent a letter to the Minister of the Interior, Rodrigo Delgado, to “adopt corresponding measures” because he considers that Luces “he has allowed himself to threaten“to the president-elect and has incited” violence and hatred. “

Hertz, who has had a recognized career as a lawyer in defense of human rights in his country, refers in the tweet a similar process against the Venezuelan that occurred in 2019. On that occasion, he denounced Luces before the Prosecutor’s Office (for having created a campaign against him) for the crimes of threats and violation of privacy.

On that occasion Hertz also sent a letter to the Ministry of the Interior requesting the expulsion of Luces, who in turn stated that he felt threatened and exposed, along with his family.

“I will not shut up”

In a recent post on Instagram, Luces expressed that they want to silence him because he is making “great opposition” and maintains that he has “never” called for violence. “I have every right to protest, to demonstrate peacefully“he added.

In addition, he stated that it was “sad” that neither the deputy nor the president understood his position and that he has no criminal record, so he does not know under which legal figures they will try to expel him.

Previously, the Venezuelan had described as “insult” a document that reported on a criminal proceeding against him for alleged gender violence.

The other videos

The record of Luces against Boric is extensive. In other videos dice that the then leftist candidate was going to strengthen the “Prostitution Convention”, as he called the Constituent Assembly, and that with it he sought to eliminate the flag, the national symbols and the national anthem. According to him, the new Magna Carta was drawn up by Maduro, without there being any proof for such a claim.

The Venezuelan engineer, who calls the leftist candidate “criminal stalker” and “communist swindler”, asserts that those who voted for him “are the first to walk through all the countries of Latin America seeking refuge.”

“This is just beginning and we still have a lot to save. This is the last Christmas that you will spend in tranquility and peace“, he warns.

In other clip, affirms that “communism was not made to succeed anywhere in the world” and that is why the new government, which takes office next March, “is going to do very badly and its voters are going to do worse by default” .

“The key question is: How long is this evil going to last and how long are we willing to put up with it?“, dice.

Among the other issues that Luces is accused of is sympathizing with Nazism, despite the fact that he has denied it in a way that has not been entirely clear.


Sympathizers of the Chilean right and left turned to the networks, expressing their support or rejection of the claims of Luces and the measures that Hertz asked to be taken against them.