Angèle: Belgium in the heart

In her latest album, Angèle tells about her love for her hometown, Brussels, which she celebrates. Of course, we are a little jealous on the French side. But it is in her city of heart that Angela proclaims her love. “She represents Belgium, women, and all taboo subjects very well, she breaks them. For young people, I find that really a very good example”, testifies a fan.

Angèle was born 26 years ago, in a Flemish municipality, just above the capital. A dreamy little child, she couldn’t keep still on the school benches. After the piano came singing, composition and his debut in front of the public. “She’s someone who dared to go for it, she’s sure of herself,” recalls the owner of the Archduke. International success will arrive in 2018. In her songs, Angèle recounts her rise and her relationship with the public.

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