Charlene of Monaco shares a message close to her heart on Instagram

Since her return from South Africa, Charlene of Monaco has been far from her family because she is resting in a specialized establishment located in Switzerland. More than necessary rest for the princess who needs to catch her breath and take time for herself before joining her family and her obligations.

Absent from the Rocher during the Christmas festivities, Charlene of Monaco nevertheless shared several messages via her Instagram account, in particular a greeting card and a message that was particularly close to her heart on December 24.

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“Thank you for your donations”

This December 24, the wife of Prince Albert chose to share a message of thanks addressed to all the people who made donations to her Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation. The Princess also wished all the best for everyone: “The feeling of giving, helping and saving lives is what makes my foundation so special. Thank you all for your continued donations which allow us to grow. I hope this Christmas brings you happiness in all its aspects, as well as love throughout the seasons. God bless each of you. “

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To accompany this strong message, Charlene of Monaco added a short video showing images of the various actions carried out by her Foundation over the months.

A very nice message during this Christmas period.