The mother of Tristan Thompson’s 3rd baby speaks out: “I have to defend myself”

Maralee Nichols, who gave birth to Tristan Thompson’s third child a few days ago, has spoken to the E! News.

A few weeks ago, the press revealed the identity of a thirty-something, Maralee Nichols, mother of the third child of Tristan Thompson. In a complaint sent to justice, the young woman had asked that he assume his paternity and pay him alimony. A judge is expected to decide the case in California soon. Tristan Thompson had filed an appeal for the dispute to be dealt with in Texas because it was there, he admits, that the baby was conceived. His request was rejected.

At the time of their flirtation, Tristan Thompson was still dating Khloé Kardashian, the mother of their daughter True (born in 2018). From a previous relationship, the athlete is also the father of a boy, Prince, born in 2016. Maralee Nichols gave birth on December 1 to a second baby boy whose first name has not been revealed.

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Asked by AND! News on December 17, 2021, Maralee Nichols wanted to speak out to correct the “false” stories that have been peddled about her. “Over the past two weeks, many inaccurate and false stories have been circulated about me. I have not disclosed – and have not ordered anyone to disclose – any information relating to Tristan Thompson or any litigation relating to him. I never spoke to any media and I did not disclose any information to anyone at any time. I am making this statement because I feel I have to stand up for myself, ”she said.

“I would never have got involved if I had known he was in a relationship”

“I’ve read fake stories, I’ve seen unflattering photos of me, people using photos that aren’t even me, indicating the wrong profession and age. There have been several fake Instagram posts pretending to be me, making false statements and attaching photos of an ultrasound and a child (not mine). Here are the facts: I have lived in California since 2019. I have not been a personal trainer for four years. I do modeling. I have never been Tristan’s personal coach, ”she added.

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Maralee Nichols spoke of her meeting with Tristan Thompson, which occurred in late 2020 in Los Angeles at a party. According to her, he claimed to be single. She also confirmed that their baby was conceived on the basketball player’s birthday in March. “He told me he was single and co-parented. I would never have gotten involved with Tristan if I had known he was in a relationship. I saw Tristan in March 2021 for his birthday. He told me he wanted to see me. I agreed to meet him in Houston at a private party on March 12. I never drove a Maserati to find him, contrary to what he said (in a deposition sent to justice). (…) Shortly after his birthday weekend in Houston, Tristan invited me to come and see him in Boston, ”she continued.

The young mother explained that she had done “everything possible” not to draw attention to herself throughout her pregnancy. “Tristan filed a lawsuit in Texas after I filed my paternity claim in Los Angeles. I did not file any alimony request before the birth of our child. His action against me was dismissed on December 15th. My delivery was induced on November 29 because I had a placenta abnormality. (…) I gave birth on December 1, 2021. Instead of focusing on all this negativity, I choose to embrace my role as a mother and do my best for my son. I don’t want any more media attention, nor do I want a romantic relationship with Tristan. My goal is to raise our son in a safe, healthy, loving and private environment, ”she concluded.

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