Reason Electro is different in Spider-Man: No Way Home

The movie Spider-Man: No Way Home brings a lot of classic villains but Electro is different than the last time we saw him in the movies.

Attention SPOILERS. For Spider-Man: No Way Home They’ve gone to great lengths to bring in classic Marvel villains that we’ve seen before, that’s why they’ve had the same actors. Since all of them are taken from the movies starring Tobey Maguire Y Andrew Garfield, but curiously Electro It is the most different of all.

Since they mentioned the possibility of returning to Jamie Foxx What Electro in Spider-Man: No Way HomeShe was clear that it would be a great idea, but she wanted her character to look different. This is how he explained it in a recent interview:

“Producer Amy Pascal, who has been very supportive of my career, brought it up to me and I said, man, oh yeah, I want to be there. And the fact that I’m coming to this new universe and I look different, and the fact that they were able to create something elegant, streamlined, but cool.

“The biggest change is that he recognized the way it looked. He acknowledged: Oh, I like this, I like this. By doing that, answer any questions like why or what is this? to do that, and just bringing a little bit of the way I wanted to speak and how I wanted to present myself.

That was the whole team. A whole Spider-Man team on how to make this guy cool. How do we make it shocking, but make it a little more assertive? When he acquired some skills, it really made sense in the way he was able to project himself.

The scriptwriters solved it very well.

In The Amazing Spider-Man: El poder de Electro (2014), the villain played by Jamie Foxx when he used his power it was blue, while in the Universe of Peter Parker from Tom Holland, the energy is different, which is why his powers look yellow and he looks more similar to the comics. They really give a simple but effective explanation for this character to have a more shocking look on his great return.

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In addition, the villain makes things difficult for the heroes, since we can see that he likes that newly acquired new energy too much, so it is difficult for him to want to get rid of it.

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