These were the best beauty looks of 2021

In short, 2021 was the year of zendaya and there was no event in which it did not capture all eyes. One of her beauty looks that we liked the most was the one she took to the Los CFDA Well, she opted for earth tones for makeup and a hair divided into many braids. However, the red XL nails were the key point of her look, which also became a must, so if you want to upgrade your nails, this is the perfect option.

Zendaya during CFDAs

If we have learned something in recent years, it is that in the world of makeup less is always more, that is why the makeup no makeup look is a trend that does not go out of style and that, most likely, will never happen. The proof of it? Margot Robbie during its passage through the Oscar 2021She opted for a very subtle romantic makeup, which was in charge of the makeup artist Pati Dubroff using products from Chanel Beauty, in addition to the casual low ponytail, made by Bryce Scarlett, it was also infallible.

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We cannot talk about 2021 without thinking about Eiza Gonzalez As an icon of fashion and beauty, and it did not matter what the occasion was, the Mexican actress always looked perfect from head to toe, such is the degree that we could not say what was her good look that we liked the most, however, Today we will talk about the one who wore during the WITH Gala, where she winked at the women of Mexican gold cinema and yes, specifically at María Félix, as Eiza will give life to La Doña in her biographical film.

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