Future State. Legion of Superheroes. To stop being young is not to stop being a legionary

The future comes to the most futuristic group of superheroes in DC Comics, and they are not prepared!

The DC Comics Legion of Super-Heroes returns with Brian Michael Bendis and Riley Rossimo to wage war! Years have passed, and the group has disbanded, illusions have been shattered, and friendships betrayed. But the spark of hope that the Legion was always endures. And the not so young members of the group must unite to defend the galaxy once more, and they will do it together. Long live the Legion!

The new launch of the DC Comics series during the Renaissance, did not have the luck of others, Bendis and Ryan Sook raised a new history of the Legion of Superheroes with more politics and with a much more exaggerated character and closely related to Jonathan Kent . But the public did not accompany this new iteration and in little more than a year it was canceled. But the Legion is a part of DC’s legacy, with many veteran and young fans discovering the classic series, so in DC’s future, there will always be the Legion.

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Estado Futuro has been the first step in the group’s return, and although it has been brief, it has already planted seeds of change in the Legion for, perhaps, a triumphant return. Saturn Girl has uncovered the great truth behind the great destruction that swept through United Planets and tore the Legion apart, and she needs her old companions to bring justice. He will have to travel from planet to planet looking for members who hate each other, who have turned love into hate, or who have transformed their memories of the group into fuel to fight, the just cause of the Legion has been lost. Taking her back is difficult, taking back her allies, it may seem impossible, but if the legionaries gather, little can stop them.

Bendis builds a bleak future, where wars have ended the planetary union and heroism does not seem to have room. But the Legion was born to give hope. The reunion of each member brings the story of their past, and unifies the story, so that the great twist of the series catches the reader by surprise, something that Bendis does very well, hide what is really happening.

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In the drawing we find Riley Rossimo, an author not to everyone’s taste, but endowed with an enormous originality and personality within the USA comic. Designs and anatomies ranging from retro sci-fi to supers are mixed with spectacular action and unique compositions. It may not be very superheroic, but it is an amazing drawing.

Future State. Legion of Superheroes It is an end and a beginning for one of the series most loved by the deceitas, which leaves a good taste in the mouth, even without being a masterpiece, worthy continuation of a classic galactic saga.