20 Years Later: A Glimpse at the Current Look of Erotic Queen Kelly Trump

Kelly Trump: This is what the erotic queen looks like today – 20 years after she left

Kelly Trump: From Porn Star to Eyelash Stylist

A quarter of a century ago, Kelly Trump was one of the biggest porn stars in the country. With three “Venus” awards and two “Best Actress” trophies at the Brussels International Erotic Festival, she enthroned at the top of the industry podium for almost a decade.

If you believe the legend, then Kelly Trump slipped into the porn business quite by accident and without a business plan. After breaking off her training as a dental assistant, the blonde, who was still walking through life as Nicole Heyka, kept her head above water with bar jobs and irregular go-go girl engagements. When a lucrative on-site film casting turned out to be a raunchy porn happening, the then 24-year-old just shrugged her shoulders. A few hours later, Nicole Heyka transformed into Kelly Trump.

“Concetta Licata 1”, the title of her first porn production, marked the beginning of an international nudist career in 1994. Top directors such as Marc Dorcel, John Leslie, and Joe D’Amato ate out of Kelly Trump’s hand, as did tens of thousands of FSK 18 nerds who simply admired her acting talent.

After a number of mega productions and various scene awards, Kelly Trump drew a line under the porn chapter in 2001 during the “Venus” trade fair in Berlin and announced the end of her sex film career to the horrified followers. In the years that followed, Kelly Trump tried her hand as an actress in serious productions – albeit with only moderate success laughed at rather than celebrated.

But Kelly Trump never really let up. She wrote a book together with Werner Schlegel (“Porno – Ein Start ausckt”), wrote a column for the German “FHM,” and caused a stir in various TV formats (“Die Alm,” “Das Perfect Celebrity Dinner,” “Celebrity Queens on Safari”).

The ex-porn queen, who has been married to former Scooter musician Axel Coon since 2019, now lives a “completely normal” life as an eyelash stylist. Already in 2013, Nicole Heyka (after the end of her existence as a public person, she took her civil first and last name again) became self-employed.

“Switching from porn to a serious job is often difficult. Many don’t take you seriously. You have to score with extra performance. It worked well for me,” she revealed to “Bild”. Today, Kelly Trump is busy styling her eyelashes – a far cry from her days as a porn icon.

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