Naomie Harris: the interpreter of Moneypenny sexually assaulted during a casting for “James Bond”

Naomie Harris has played Moneypenny in the “James Bond” films for several years. Her first appearance in this role dates back to 2012, in “Skyfall” and since then she has continued to support Agent 007 in his craziest adventures. But last December 12, the actress told the “Daily Mail” to have been sexually assaulted during an audition for “James Bond”. A famous actor of the saga, whose name she prefers to keep silent, would have “slipped his hand under her skirt”. According to her, the other members of the team present would have all seen this inappropriate gesture without reacting. “This actor touched me openly in front of everyone while I was reading a scene from the film, and the most shocking thing is that no one intervened, neither the director nor the casting director,” he said. she declared. “Worse, they observed this in silence because, perhaps, the perpetrator was ‘a big star’. “

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“This was my only #MeToo incident”

Naomie Harris confides, taking a step back from this assault: “This was my only #MeToo incident and so I finally feel very lucky knowing how unfortunately this behavior is widespread. The Me Too movement has indeed made it possible to free speech on repeated sexual assaults, in particular in the world of cinema with the Harvey Weinstein affair. Since then, the actress has observed a change in mentalities. “Recently, I was working on a shoot when inappropriate behavior, denounced by feminists, occurred. The producers’ response was immediate: the perpetrator was immediately fired. “