Emmanuel Macron on the couch

We were halfway between the consultation with the shrink and the religious confession. For nearly two hours last night, Emmanuel Macron was invited to self-analyze and atone for his sins.

Three armchairs, a screen in the Elysée village hall. Two interviewers, Audrey Crespo-Mara from TF1 and Darius Rochebin from LCI, who show him symbolic moments of the five-year term. The clumsiness, the polemical sentences and the contemptuous words.

You could say that the head of state has been subjected to the Rorschach test, that psychological exercise where you are shown spots – and you have to say what you see in it.

Here, these are the spots of his mandate that Emmanuel Macron had to comment. Take a look back, for example, at the moment when he said in front of a young person that it was enough to cross the street to find a job.

“There are words that can hurt. And I think it’s never good. It’s even unacceptable, respect is part of political life. And so I learned (…).
– What does that say about you?
– The will to transgress. To jostle. Not to give in to a form of conformism “.

In short, a semi-mea culpa. The Head of State regrets the tone, but not necessarily the substance.

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In his presidential chair, he assumes his pro-business policy. It confirms the merits of a future pension reform. He claims to have partially abolished the wealth tax. What sparks this new introspection:

“I am not obsessed with money. That is to say: Neither adore it nor hate it”

The relationship to money is thus explored. All that is missing is the relationship to parents, to family. We think at this moment of the cliché expression of communicators. You have to “split the armor”.

What Emmanuel Macron is attached to, which we almost imagine, again, lying on a couch:

“I learned alongside the French … undoubtedly to love them better. I had spoken of benevolence in 2017, but sometimes I was hard, impetuous … I am an emotional person, who I’m hiding it. I’m more of a very human person, I think. ”

In other words, there is a heart that beats behind the presidential costume; a humanity behind the enarch; empathy behind ambition.

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This does not prevent it from sending a few spades to its future competitors. Without naming her, he criticizes Valérie Pécresse on the abolition of civil servant posts. He warns Eric Zemmour against the risk of civil war.

Of course, the Head of State does not reveal his intentions for 2022; but after such an analysis session, they are transparent.

Emmanuel Macron knows it: to find his chair, he had to go on the couch.

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